Happily Home for the Holidays

I am writing to extend a warm holiday greeting here in my new home. ‘Tis true, the last post I wrote was quite some time ago and of the extensive kitchen remodel project of the Danbury house. I would like to think that the inhabitants of the house are not so much what matters but rather ‘we’ did the old house proud. With that thinking, and knowing that the house was ready, I prepared for a change. New home, new community, new environment ~ perhaps this move could be considered a symbolic landmark of my own life timeline marking my past and my future.

Significant also is the fact that this year, I participated fully in the Christmas gaiety for the first time in five years. I am looking at this as evidence of my moving forward from facing grief. To cope with loss during the holidays one learns to edit the activities of the season knowing that when the body and mind are ready, the festivities will be there waiting.

I love baking and look for opportunity to do so. This Christmas I made red and green sprinkled snowflake cutouts to take to a group gathering.

Decorating the home is especially fun finding new homes for the traditional collection and then, adding new. This year, the tree’s theme is poinsettias.

Mom’s vintage egg nog mugs . . .

Then, of course, the exterior. I do so love wreaths.

I very much value volunteering. I also know how impactful it is for both the volunteer and recipient. Having been semi-retired for just over 7 years, I continue to search for the volunteer position that might be just right for me. This year I am giving ushering a go. Ushering for the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra at Kleinhans with a wonderful reward of a concert afterwards might just be the ticket for me. I have ushered many concerts now and below, are photos from my absolute favorite concert of this Fall season of 2022, the Exceptional Holiday Concert “welcoming 375 children and adults with developmental disabilities from 11 different organizations across Western New York. BPO Conductor Diversity Fellow, Fernanda Lastra, and concert host, Kate Bassett led the audience in festive holiday music, including a sing-along, dancers from the Royal Academy of Ballet, and plenty of jingle bells!”

Every person received a jingle-bell necklace including me and yes, we all rang out our bells through the concert.

Then, we were hit with what is being called the Historic Blizzard of 2022, aka the Cyclone Bomb. I was around for the Blizzard of 77 but really haven’t seen drifts of this kind since then. Perhaps some of these pics capture the essence of such an event. Keep in mind I did not lose power, have a back-up generator, kept warm by the fireplaces, and was not stranded in my car or outside. And, I am hoping to remain free of property damage when the clean-up begins. Fingers crossed. Everyone’s perspective of such an event is obviously very different but due to my good fortune (this time round), I see the beauty.

The storm was so significant city/town plows were commanded to halt service, major chain grocery stores were closed through the days normally deemed for holiday preparations.

Today is Christmas day. The grocery stores remain closed and I am just now seeing people stirring outside with the first sightings of snow removal appearing.

Go Bills!

I wish all of you a safe, holiday season with many blessings for a healthy and happy new year.

2 responses to “Happily Home for the Holidays”

  1. Holly, for some reason I’ve missed your last several years of posts. So glad you’re writing and hope your beautiful “new” kitchen will give you many years of enjoyment!


    • Well, I will admit to writing less frequently and not sure why you were not getting posts. At any rate, I’m here and you’re back and so we happily reunite! Happy New Year.


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