About Us

‘Tis Thee (About Holly)

Many years of teaching
Literacy Coach,  as well
Graduate degrees earned
Now reflecting
on all that she has learned.

A knitting fiend, for sure
with careful precision, always.
fashion forward,
or at least she tries
excited to walk the runway
Isn’t that why she knits?

A sassy daughter, yes
a loving mother
married to hubby of longevity
family oriented
devoted to the clan.

Began later in life
with safety net support
to run
burning up energy
fitness builds upon that energy.

Loves to write
doesn’t know why
maybe ’cause she can go on whether anyone is listening
or not

Considers writing a book
maybe knitwear designer
marathon, perhaps?
Dreams big, focus remains steady.

The family pet
America’s favorite breed
Lots of mischief
Somehow, in her heart… deeply.

And, so this is how
Holly goes
It is true that
’tis is Thee.

Vogue Knitting Live Fashion Show, 1/2015

CREDITS (About Lynn)

Holly so appreciates the effort and patience of hubby photographer.  It is difficult to identify who inspires whom or when Lynn, as photographer, became involved in what now has become part of the knitting process.  What we do know is it has been a joint effort of local travel, ideas, and editing to share Holly’s knitting.  Using his iPhone and a critical eye, these outings about town have become a great sort of retirement hobby for the couple, as well.  They’ve switched roles, below with Lynn in his Tembe designed by Martin Storey and Holly as photographer.  You can get a sense of local venue as landscape for photo shoots in  Fashionscape, our effort of documentation.  This initiative was recognized by Vogue Knitting, Spring 2014, and is written about here.


  1. Francesca

    I meant the orchid asymmetric sweater. It is so beautiful! I’ll try to find the book here in Europe and then pass it to my personal knitter (my mum!). Thank you so much!


  2. Francesca

    Hi! I felt in love with the jumper you are wearing on the template pic. It’s fantastic! I have been searching for it on the blog but couldn’t find it. Do you have a scheme for that? Is it on sale?
    Best wishes,


    1. HollyKnits

      Francesca, Are you talking about the cover photo? the orchid asymmetric cowl sweater? The pattern is by Norah Gaughan and can be found her book entitled Knitting Nature. The entire book is gorgeous and you will get so many patterns from it. It can be found on Amazon.com. If you are talking about the houndstooth suit in my avatar, that pattern is from Vogue Knitting, Fall/Winter 1988. Also, fabulous and timeless, actually. The best to you!


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