Director of my Destiny

In preparing to write goals for my first year of retirement, I’ve been reading and researching the topic of a healthy lifestyle.  Not that I’ve just started being interested in living a most fulfilling life, but now with my own time on my hands, I am fortunate enough to be able to do so!  I am aware that I am now the director of my own destiny so I’m taking careful time trying to figure it all out.   Having good health on my side and an optimistic outlook on life, I see no reason why not to remain as productive this year as when I retired from employment just two short months, ago.  So, to this end, here are some lists that I’ve found or that people have shared with me that I really liked that will help guide and direct toward this end:

Realizing Your Own Greatness:
The 4 Pillars of Successful Living:
Live a healthy lifestyle
Live a life free of debt
Live a life that is organized and goal oriented
Live a life of charity

7 Categories for Self-fulfillment:
Health & Wellbeing

3 Things Needed in Retirement:
A sense of purpose
A structure to each day
A social connection to people

And finally, from The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey,  he describes growing your own person in four dimensions of your nature:

  • physical
  • spiritual
  • mental
  • social/emotional

To me, these lists offer a similar theme.  These authors speak of balance; balance in life that includes self worth, thinking, continued learning, and caring for others.   So, now I can see more clearly the direction I want my life to take.  With the purpose of goal setting in place, see post on self-direction and now research on the direction I want my life to take, I am ready for action.

Here are my goals for this year.  Having posted them, I will be able to revisit from time to time, re-evaluate progress, and adjust if/when necessary.

Specific / Measurable / Attainable / Relevant / Time Bound

Gee, you can’t take the educator out of me however I am not writing for school so some of the goals below will not have every facet of a SMART goal but I continue to aim for these characteristics.  Utilizing The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (list, above):


  • running – minimum of running 10 miles per week
  • minimum of 3 (5k) running races this upcoming season, looking to challenge my own times
  • biking – enjoyment
  • snowshoeing – a new endeavor with hubby, to begin, enjoyment
  • ponder rowing for enjoyment, season is May – October
  • ponder skiing for enjoyment, weather and time permitting


  • knitting – choose projects from stash only
  • no purchase of new yarn through this year
  • plan, make, finish, and wear ~ VK’s mantra
  • attend churches for the purpose of familiarizing and ultimately joining to become part of its community


  • write posts on Holly knits ~ for enjoyment
  • find and choose at least 2 other venues for writing, i.e. My View in the local newspaper
  • read blogs, articles, books
  • ponder accepting invite into book club


  • care take family members, as needed
  • join the local knitting organization 9/10/15
  • volunteer at least one task/job in that local knitting organization

These are one year goals with an over-arching theme of productivity.  Remaining flexible to see what life has to offer matched with the ability to say yes and no with conviction, I continue to aim for high expectations.  I remain steadfast in possibilities.  Maybe, a marathon?  Maybe, design work in knitting?  Maybe, writing a manuscript for publication?  These would be the long term goals that I see in this decade of self-creativity and self-direction while the above are short term goals that support.

On a final note, I share with you this post I thought particularly interesting along the lines of goal setting, focus, and productivity.  Ha, interesting this author and I are doing some of the same reading!  Check out the concept of boulders and pebbles written in this post Time Management – Are We Busy or Fruitful by Kristen Lamb*.

West Side Rowing Club Boathouse
West Side Rowing Club Boathouse. Can you see why it’s on my mind?
View of the Peace Bridge connecting US to Canada looking out from the boathouse

*(Kristen Lamb is the #1best selling author of “Rise of the Machines–Human Authors in a Digital World”, “We Are Not Alone–The Writer’s Guide to Social Media” & “Are You There, Blog? It’s Me, Writer.” She is the CEO of W.A.N.A. International, a company dedicated to empowering artist of the Digital Age. She’s also the creator of W.A.N.A.Tribe, the social networking site for creative professionals and a contributing blogger for The Huffington Post.)

3 responses to “Director of my Destiny”

  1. A lot of goals and healthy pursuits, good for you to list them publicly and give yourself time and opportunity to revisit as needed. I am totally following the same knitting goals this year: everything from stash, finish and wear and no new yarn (this will be he hardest part).


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