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  • On the Other Side, Kitchen Remodel

    On the Other Side, Kitchen Remodel

    I remember the day we purchased our home. It was with great anticipation and excitement, of course. Thrilled to have moved from our ‘starter’ home to the next, I looked upon this house as the next step. I was very aware of the needs of the old dwelling and figured in the next few years, […]

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  • A Break

    A Break

    Even our hobbies/passions can get the best of us. Or, shall I say, can get to me. My knitting has been almost non-existent. It has happened to me before and will likely happen, again. There have been times when I haven’t knitted for years. Some knitters talk about this thing called, “getting your knitting mojo […]

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  • Christmas (Stockings) of Past, Present, and Future

    Christmas (Stockings) of Past, Present, and Future

    It’s getting to look a lot like Christmas says the song and friends as they post their newly decorated holiday trees and assorted decorations on social media. Every image is beautiful and encouraging to begin decorating. I like deciding whether to be sentimental (hang the antiques from yesteryear) or crafty (make a few), or to […]

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  • Simple fix of a hand knit

    Simple fix of a hand knit

    I wanted to wear this when I went out the other night. Knitted years ago, it is a comfortable, fun piece with the colors of the season. I wrote about it, HERE. When I put it on, the vest-dress didn’t look the way I wanted or the way I remembered. Hmmm So, it was a […]

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  • Indiana Amish

    Indiana Amish

    I call it a sabbatical. Sounds educational. Sounds important. For me, it is personal. My self-prescribed sabbatical away from the familiarity of WNY, non-stop schedules, teaching, employment gigs, and pretty much anything and everything familiar to me continues. It has led me to some pretty interesting places, which of course was its intention. Currently, I […]

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