First Year Goal Check

Here I am, first year of retirement is in the books!  And, as my goal-oriented personality is reminding me, it is time to check in to see how I’ve done with the annual goals I set forth for myself.  The purpose of checking in is to see if these goals are still relevant and of interest.  Remember, in retirement each of us  is in control of our own destiny.  I will ask myself if I need to change any of them for the upcoming year, make any of them more challenging or less ambitious.  Have I put them into action?  If so, I will ask, “how is it going” and if not, I will ask myself “why not?”  Basically this is a review of where I am now in my thoughts, feelings, and well-being.  Another way to put it is, it is an effort to be the best me I can be.  There is no sense in posting goals if you don’t take the time to reflect, another reason why I am giving this some attention.  I will re-post my goals from a year ago and below each section, in pink, write a synopsis of success, failure, and thoughts.

Here is the blog post of goals and the how research I did to get them.  And, I DID say that knitting was only PART of the plan.  I broke my life into 4 categories:


  • running – minimum of running 10 miles per week
  • minimum of 3 (5k) running races this upcoming season, looking to challenge my own times
  • biking – enjoyment
  • snowshoeing – a new endeavor with hubby, to begin, enjoyment
  • ponder rowing for enjoyment, season is May – October
  • ponder skiing for enjoyment, weather and time permitting

There has been lots of good, healthy running this year.  I have either reached or surpassed the goal of running 10 miles per week.  Weather conditions are not stopping me/us.  We, hubby and I vary it up by going to the local track, park, and river.  

I am noticing an ever-growing love of running by the river with hubby biking alongside and around as I know he enjoys it.  Oh, dear . . . I did not participate in any races… yet however  I AM registered for the Turkey Trot in November and have my sights on the half marathon in May, 2017!  Registration is not yet, up for the half marathon.  I just looked.

I perceive biking as a sport in support of running.  We purchased a gorgeous new bike for me last summer and we’ve had many a splendorous outings together.  

Snow shoes were purchased for both of us last Fall and as much as we loved our times out, snowfall was record low, so our times out were minimal.  We will keep our fingers crossed for more snow this winter.  

Rowing is out.  There is not enough time to do it justice and the time frame for commitment does not work.  Skiing is out until we see where our snow-shoeing takes us.   

October 2016 I will begin classes at Orangetheory Fitness!  I have signed up for 1 class/week.  Orangetheory Fitness is a studio for classes of all types utilizing heart rate and data to grow one’s fitness. 


  • knitting – choose projects from stash only
  • no purchase of new yarn through this year
  • plan, make, finish, and wear ~ VK’s mantra
  • attend churches for the purpose of familiarizing and ultimately joining to become part of its community

Ah, yes.  I do put knitting into the category of ‘spiritual’.  If you’ve ever knitted, you would see why.  I have completed 7 projects since January, 2016 utilizing much of my remnant stash and some from ‘project’ stash.  I did weaken, however and purchased some new yarn. Minimal bundles . . .  three.  But, for a full year and lots of temptation, I will pat myself on the back.

2016 collection  Honeycomb is in ‘photo shoot queue’.

Untitled (1)


Church did not happen, that is attending one or becoming part of a membership of one.  There has been lots of talking with hubby about faith, which location, the idea of membership at one specific church.  Sundays (assuming we would attend on Sundays) rolled in and out, 52 of them to be exact and somehow, we are only in the discussion phase.  I will need to study why I am not putting this goal into action.


  • write posts on Holly knits ~ for enjoyment
  • find and choose at least 2 other venues for writing, i.e. My View in the local newspaper
  • read blogs, articles, books
  • ponder accepting invite into book club

I have been quite regular posting on this blog.  And, I have found another venue for writing!  Wow, I really met this goal!  The other venue is another blog attached to the website called The Knitting Guild of Greater Buffalo.  

Not only will I write regularly there (1x/wk), I took the old website and re-configured it, organized it, updated it, and brought it to WordPress!  

My reading continues to consist of non-fiction, I do read lots of articles, and I did finish reading Knitting Pearls by Ann Hood.  I am not ready for a book club at this time due to time commitment it requires.


  • care take family members, as needed
  • join the local knitting organization 9/10/15
  • volunteer at least one task/job in that local knitting organization

Oh, it is fun to read goals written a year, ago!  Not only did I join the local knitting organization, I now hold the position of Vice President of that organization!  Yikes!  I believe by October I was Social Media Chairperson and my enthusiasm just grew and seemingly noticed by others.  What can I say?  

Regarding the care of family members is, of course, a more tender subject.  As we age, our needs change and sometimes our desires are effected.  The idea of housing, safety, and therapy are very much in the forefront of parent-care.  This is not easy, there are tears, and unwanted change is looming.  Retirement, by definition means the ceasing of.  Ceasing to work, ceasing to compete, ceasing to ______________ .  

Here are some images of family care of a loving kind.  circa 2016

I feel like I have met most of my goals.  In the next week, I will write goals for the next year or group of years, a decision I need to make.  I do not find this a chore, rather an opportunity to think deeply about who I am, who I want to be, and where I am going.

13 responses to “First Year Goal Check”

    • oh, Ann . . . you are so kind. It has been a very good first year. And, I have met some wonderful new people this year, like you! Thank you for stopping by. Can’t wait to see your knitted accomplishments and to see you this year at the Guild!


    • Susan, I suppose we all enter into this phase of retirement differently. Had I not had a plan, it would have been a miserable transition. Now, there are people like my hubby who fly by the seat of their pants. I guess it is important to recognize what you need in life, then do what you need so as to make these life changes most comfortable. Good luck to you and thank you for your kind words.


  1. Wow – you have done really well! I think that not meeting all your goals means that you did a good job crafting them in the first place, and that some were a stretch, some changed with circumstance and further exploration. I don’t think there is one there that you didn’t work toward – good for you!

    And if you got through an entire year of knitting those amazing projects and only bought a tiny bit of yarn, that goal should be checked off as complete. Excellent fortitude!

    I can’t wait to read the upcoming year’s goals, and think about how you are growing and enjoying this retired life.

    And keep strong, you will need to for that family care part, it gets so hard physically and emotionally. You will need those calm knitting and running moments to balance it.


    • Sarah, You’ve been such a kind support. Thank you for your words of encouragement. You are right about those calming activities. Aren’t we so fortunate to have them in our lives?

      Liked by 1 person

          • lol I knit to relax, or spin or do other crafts. Interesting question, though. I can feel myself relax when I knit, if I am wound up about something, it just takes a short spell with the needles to settle me down. I do know people who have to be ‘in the right frame of mind” to knit, which sounds odd to me – it is a rare time I don’t; want to knit. The only thing that might keep me from knitting is swimming – I rarely miss an opportunity to do that.


          • I guess I ask because recently hubby said, “I really like to see you knitting.” I said, “why?” He replied, “because then I know you are relaxed.” Ever since then I came to realize I do NOT knit to relax but only knit when I AM relaxed. I have gone years with no knitting, when my life was most stressful. I’ve read lots of articles on the benefits of knitting and most if not all say knitting is to relax. Definitely worth some more research and thought on this. Oh, boy . . . I will say the last thing on Earth I would like to do is swim. Likely because I am terrible at it. It is supposed to be the best exercise there is so I am happy you find solace (and good exercise) there. Happy weekend, Sarah!

            Liked by 1 person

          • Now that is very interesting, that you have to BE relaxed to knit. I have noticed that you make extremely detailed knits that require lots of time, attention, planning, etc. So I can see why you would want to be relaxed BEFORE you started. :-) I wonder if you were just making some plain old socks or a boxy sweater if you would have the same need? Or if the mindless knitting would relax you? When I knit lace, I know I have to have enough time to dedicate to it – I can’t pick it up and drop it like I can a sock or hat. It is a different kind of knitting. I love it, but I have noticed the difference – and it is the reason I often have two projects going – one that requires conversation, one that doesn’t. :-)


          • I think so! Just read a post by nanacathy about how she cast on something simple because the complicated pattern she was working on did not allow her to relax…

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