The “Five Year Celebration” Project

I know.  You’re expecting some sort of fantastical  afgan, or yarn bombing of a city, or full blown suit knitted in fair isle with fingering weight yarn but you’re not going to see that with this post.

IMG_0409 (1)

One can never predict what is coming next in life and this little project that was to take just a bit of time has turned out to be what we are affectionately calling “the five year celebration”.  We say “five year” because from the time we (a dear friend and I) sat down to plan, make to wear this adorable fashion statement,  life offered its challenges which needed our attention that caused us to place this on hold.  Life challenges for both of us.  From serious, life threatening health issues including operations to losses, to life transitions both on a personal level and professional level  it has been five years since the onset of this project!  We say “celebration” because each of us faced the challenge(s) we were confronted with head on and found ways to accept, cope, manage,  and move forward enabling us to come full swing back to our original intention.  We did not let that life challenge define us or take hold of our lives, but rather took control to redirect to what we both wanted.

I loved knitting this little number!  Who wouldn’t especially with gorgeous hand-painted Tilli Tomas silk, laden with sequins, it was a knitting paradise for me.   Pattern from Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 2009 #24 designed by Faith Hale and marked very easy was well written, sizing figured out, the knitting of it really didn’t take much time at all.  The only minor change we made to the design element is we did not add button holes and buttons because an heirloom brooch will be completing this look for her.  Oh, and I also added a band of garter stitch to match all the other band trimmings on the left front as there was no other finishing and I can’t stand curling of knitted fabric where NOT intended.

Happy days ahead!  Think of me tomorrow as I present this beauty to my dear friend!

think brooch where the yarn label is
Think brooch where the yarn label is.

Addendum:  I sewed in my hand-knit label after the photos were taken so as to not have it distract from the gorgeous sweater in the photos.

Of course, she will be able to place the brooch anywhere along the ruffle.
Of course, she will be able to place the brooch anywhere along the ruffle.

The garment really needs to be ON to be completely appreciated.  Maybe, a photograph with her in it is looming in our future?

10 responses to “The “Five Year Celebration” Project”

  1. It is a beautiful knit, and I love the texture of this yarn and the dots of color. I’m sure this looks like couture when worn, what a beautiful gift for a celebration of going through difficult times and move forward.


    • Agnes: We had such a good time yesterday bumming around town. Here is a pic of a local site we visited, inside the West Side Rowing Club Boathouse sharing stories of my friend’s recent endeavor, rowing. Regarding the knit, we love the sequins of color, too. Thank you, and such an easy pattern, really!

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      • Great picture ! Reminds me of my days of rowing, I enjoyed it so much and it is a wonderful exercise, tones the entire body and gives you a lot of stamina. Too bad here in Montreal it is limited to the summer season and quite expensive (not to mention very complicated to find a slot ) so I have given it up. This picture just rekindles my taste for it, thanks for sharing.


          • You are a runner, you should have no problem at all. Plus, you can choose to start with a single boat and row at your own pace. Once you get the movement right, you will be surprised at how easy it is. The legs work more than the arms, and the back should not hurt at all, especially if you focus on tightening the abs while you push on your legs. The hardest part is maintaining your course…


  2. It is so gorgeous!! Congrats on handling all of life’s issues and finishing this beautiful garment. Your friend will absolutely love it.

    On my front, I’m excited to be leaving tomorrow for Vancouver and a week-long Vogue Knitting Cruise to Alaska with a knitter girlfriend. My husband is telling people that I am going for half price …. he isn’t going!


    • Karen! First off, thank you. Both my friend and I are very pleased and proud with our fortitude and patience. She will be gorgeous in this. Now, this is something I have been thinking about, these VK cruises …. I want to hear all about your trip! How can I contact you about details? Have an awesome time!


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