A few updates …

  • “Imbalance 2” has turned into “Delight” regarding blog theme.  And, who knows what else I might find between this post and the next?  If you’re looking for familiarity when stopping by to visit this blog, I guess the only solace I have for you is that the content and message will be a constant.
  • The Susan B. Komen race is now over!  Albeit a 5k (a little over 3 miles), it felt quite the feat to complete, as I have not been in the race circuit for about ten years.  Hard to believe that life’s distractions can take you away from something you value for that length of time.  Ugh!  But, the good news is I am back.  Our team, Be The Answer, a school-based theme, consisted of colleagues.  Our clever, thematic t-shirts were designed by a co-worker.  Some in the group ran the timed 5k, others ran it un-timed, while the remaining walked.  We met up afterwards for this cute team picture, below.  I am beyond thrilled with my coming in 17th place out of 93 in my age group!  I have lots more to say about running, in general and how this race has inspired me to participate in Speed Camp in a few weeks, and how I already know what I need to learn about running a smart race.  Such things as drinking water WHILE running and the proper way to stretch before starting off are a few of the things I hope to get tips on as well as how to increase running pace.  The best part is that the Speed Camp coach will now have my current pace!  And, there’s no fudging on that as we can all see the times for ourselves right online!
  • Knitting!  I have successfully completed my latest project, R.E.D.  Yes, I am meaning the color red but also am using it as an acronym.  I have much to say about this project so it will serve as an entire post (or two) in itself, but for now, I am sharing with you that my goal was to wear this lovely tunic to my retirement reception, (which could also be a photo shoot for this project).  Well, let’s just say I will be the girl in red next Saturday night having a great time with family members, friends, and colleagues at the celebration of the end of my teaching career.  I will be sure to get great pics at some point, whether it be that evening or otherwise with photographer hubby, and will tell you all about this wild and crazy experience I had while knitting this project.
diagonal cable stitch
  • And, finally, How do you store your finished projects?  I’ve talked about this before and I’ve read about others who have come up with ideas.  I thought I was settled, but my system of storing was failing me, therefore needed revisiting.  Stay tuned as I share with you what my problem was and what I’ve done for a solution while staying within self-made parameters of both space and expense.

4 responses to “Happenings”

  1. Nice to hear from you, Holly! Congratulations on completing the race, and being aming the first 20! That is quite a feat. Looking forward to seeing your red tunic and more…


    • Peg! It’s so nice to hear from you! Yes, thank you… time is a-nearing regarding retirement. Pretty weird feeling right now. The writing is near done regarding the knitting, however I need the photo shoot! I hope all is well with you!


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