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Kick in the butt

This post nor this project is either big, nor fancy, but writing it is meant as a personal kick in the butt or more politely said, motivation to get MOVING with this adorable project. The always alluring patterns from Tiny Owl Knits are just that, alluring, worked up or just admired on the printed page, the forest themed animals always call to me. This is my very first shawl (and likely last) but that owl . . . could not resist her and will be a lovely addition to the set of forest creatures growing in my hand knits . . . bear (yes, I made two), fawn, and snake (look for cabling around the hem). Now, to get GOING!!!  Look at how adorable! Gift yarn to boot! 21 feathers, I need 44. and, body is coming along. . . Let’s see if writing about this project is the kick I need to finish it!

Cable Snake

I am so excited to finally be able to share one of my latest finished projects with you and am equally excited to be able to slip on a pair of boots as my foot has made considerable progress in its healing this last week!  It would be easy, of course, to stand in some corner of the house to take pictures of these knitted projects but I always become inspired by a pattern’s design and begin creating a narrative as I knit.  Also, I realize how perfect these photo sessions are for the continuation of a memoir.  Maybe I am a romantic, but knitting is far more than a finished garment to me. Designed by Tiny Owl Knits, this is a yoked pullover with stitches picked up under and around that yoke in which to form cables that continue around the body.  The cables evolve into a wonderful snake-like pattern near the hem.  I love the uniqueness of the design and, as one knits, one can’t appreciate enough the delicious yarn, Blue Sky Alpacas …

Fashion Quiz

Directions:  Multiple Choice.  You are to choose:  likeness or not.   Senerio:  I recently knitted this adorable (well, I think) fawncho (poncho) and any completion of a project is always followed by a photo shoot.  And, it seems to be at the site of the photo shoot when my hubby becomes familiar with the new addition to my wardrobe.  One day, afterwards, that man was reading the newspaper when all of a sudden I heard him exclaim, “Hey , LOOK!  Your sweater!  It’s in here!” Look carefully at the next two photos. Question 1.  Likeness or not? Senerio:  A dear friend on Ravelry, upon looking at the finished photos of this same project said,  “You are so trendy! Just as SJP.  I’ve seen something similar in the new collection of Stefanel in Florence, Italy! Namely same size poncho/pullover, and even the colors were very close, but another animal!!!” And, again… the next two photos…. and the new piece from the collection of Stefanel: Question 2.  Likeness or not?  (but, please be kind!)

Getting to Know Me, Part Two of Three

Ponchos, Capes, and Fawnchos Oh, My! Gee, I’ve got the song  “Getting to Know You“, a show tune from the 1951 Rodgers and Hammerstein musical, The King and I and Dorothy’s (Wizard of Oz) little fear-of-the-forest chant going on in your mind right now.   Maybe, purposeful to distract you from the word, me.  I am not comfortable  with that word in any form of communication as I am more shy than not when speaking about myself and am continuing to adjust taking on this public forum.  I ponder the reasons why I am doing so and sometimes I say, oh, it is the teacher in me and I want to write a series of “how-to” posts on knitting techniques  or another day I might say I just love thinking about fashion no matter what the venue.  Maybe, it is the longevity of  the love of knitting I have and/or feelings of success I’ve had with this art form in the recent years.  Or, an effort to gain followers as I consider design work in the …