Fashion Quiz

Directions:  Multiple Choice.  You are to choose:  likeness or not.  

Senerio:  I recently knitted this adorable (well, I think) fawncho (poncho) and any completion of a project is always followed by a photo shoot.  And, it seems to be at the site of the photo shoot when my hubby becomes familiar with the new addition to my wardrobe.  One day, afterwards, that man was reading the newspaper when all of a sudden I heard him exclaim, “Hey , LOOK!  Your sweater!  It’s in here!”

Look carefully at the next two photos.

Question 1.  Likeness or not?

Senerio:  A dear friend on Ravelry, upon looking at the finished photos of this same project said,  “You are so trendy! Just as SJP.  I’ve seen something similar in the new collection of Stefanel in Florence, Italy! Namely same size poncho/pullover, and even the colors were very close, but another animal!!!”

And, again… the next two photos….

and the new piece from the collection of Stefanel:

Question 2.  Likeness or not?  (but, please be kind!)

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