Kick in the butt

This post nor this project is either big, nor fancy, but writing it is meant as a personal kick in the butt or more politely said, motivation to get MOVING with this adorable project. The always alluring patterns from Tiny Owl Knits are just that, alluring, worked up or just admired on the printed page, the forest themed animals always call to me. This is my very first shawl (and likely last) but that owl . . . could not resist her and will be a lovely addition to the set of forest creatures growing in my hand knits . . . bear (yes, I made two), fawn, and snake (look for cabling around the hem).

Now, to get GOING!!!  Look at how adorable!

Gift yarn to boot!

21 feathers, I need 44.

and, body is coming along. . .

Let’s see if writing about this project is the kick I need to finish it!

9 responses to “Kick in the butt”

  1. Looks whimsical as do all ot the Tiny Owl knits patterns. I love the yarn you are using and imagine this will be a much admired, frequently worn, treasure that you will love. Think of the wings as continuing to lift you and to soar over your universe and all that is possible for you. I love owls and all that they are – wise, sharp eyed, noble, fierce, courageous, independent.


    • Such a helpful analogy and shall be utilized as encouragement when I feel the ‘stall’ coming on, again. Thank you, Barbara for your words of support.


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