Blooms of Copper

Copper garment, “Orange is the new black.”

“Absolutely retro, yet undeniably modern.”

“Is it a tunic or sweater?”

Symbol of life change.

Simple style while coping with the complicated.

Vintage yarn at hand, modern technique repairing life lines.

Busy constructing, resting to heal

Strong statement, rebuilding strength.

The tiger lilies recently transplanted in a courtyard otherwise unruffled

from one garden to another.

Today, to my surprise

blooms of copper, in a sea of green

just two of them . . . for now

to welcome my best friend


Thank you to my dear knitting friend, Gina for the rooted cuttings and whose constant and continual support helps me to go on and for Sarah, a blog writer whose words were of inspiration to me.  I cannot forget Denise and Terry who are constants in the VK Challenge.

Copper garment details, HERE.

12 responses to “Blooms of Copper”

  1. I had missed your previous post somehow. A wonderful tunic in a great colour, perfect for Fall. I’m glad to see you are finding solace in knitting and lovely friends. These flowers are beautiful.


  2. Lovely post. I’m so glad you have good friends to support you – and thank Heavens for knitting! Your courage and fortitude are inspiring, Holly!


    • Oh, Christine . . . you are so right about the knitting. I would be quite a wreck without it. So calming, especially on long runs of the same stitch. Your words are equally inspiring, Christine. Thank you for stopping by.


    • Terry, No burden being home by myself, actually quite the refuge which is why I refused to stay overnight when he was distance away. Space, time, and voice continue to be necessary for me. I am an advocate for myself and probably misunderstood by family members but in care-taking mode, I am thinking of what I need.


  3. Glad to hear your best friend is coming home soon. More adjustments for you but happiness in having him close


    • Oh, so many adjustments over these past bunch of months. Very exhausting and doesn’t fare well with a person who wants nothing but to settle into a routine/schedule. Having him home will resolve some issues and as you know, create others. So, we are certainly happy for the reunion and homecoming and of course, hope for the best. Thank you, Jane.


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