In the Pink (1 of 2)

I love pink, especially pale pink.  Inspired by Rebecca Taylor‘s color palette as seen in some of her recent collections and the fact that I am making every attempt coordinating the pieces I knit with my existing wardrobe, I thought I would knit myself a kind of mini collection.  With my eye on a knitted modern baseball jacket pattern (foreshadowing), I wondered if the other pink yarn I had in my stash might make the perfect complement as a hoodie.

Having purchased this yarn nearly a decade ago for a garment that does not match my current life style, I needed ideas for this lovely merino that would.  I was specifically looking for something sporty for wearability, as well as flexible in design as I had a limited amount of yarn.  This pattern called Miranda, designed by Josée Paquin has choice styling galore, a great idea from the designer.  The cable pattern down the front can fan out like I’ve done or go straight, can be made with short or long sleeves, have a front kangaroo pocket and a hoodie . . . or not.  As a top down design, length is also an option.

What I did not like is the fact that this pattern has no side seams.  I am a huge proponent of such for stability of the finished garment.  Looking up methodologies in how to add seams to a garment knitted in the round, and there are a variety, I chose a ‘fake seam’ option. By purling 2 stitches on the knit side and knitting those stitches on the purl side, it creates a sort of indentation or side seam.

I like the way this looks and is where I grab the garment for removing saving on the wear and tear of the knitted fabric in front and back.

This was photographed in the photographer’s beautiful tulip garden, a perfect back drop with the elements of red she and her hubby have interspersed throughout the yard.

I do love a hoodie.

On this day, I chose a top to wear under offering yet another styling option.

How cute are these garden touches!