Plan, Make, Finish, Wear

This is a question some of us, as knitters, ask ourselves. Are we wearing our hand knits? We ask that question for the sole purpose of giving ourselves a reality check. If the idea is to be adding a beautiful hand knit to our wardrobe, truly are we? This is essentially the honesty factor as to why we do what we do and whether we are succeeding in pulling off the look that we were after by knitting these garments in the first place. We all know, no matter what the creative process or how capable we are in our craft, some projects ‘work’ while others do not.

One such knitter has taken this particular topic to task and back in January of 2019 offered an opportunity via a thread on Ravelry to post what she calls ‘street-wear’ photos. Street-wear photos are candid shots of us in our hand knits, in our every day lives, doing whatever it is we do, at work or at play. And, then to post those photos on the thread.

I was smitten with this question because I have always thought and have said . . . yes, I do wear my projects and very much consider them a part of my wardrobe. I have even been known to say, I shop very little for clothes because finishing a garment is like adding a new piece to my wardrobe. So, I remembered this sort of self-monitoring opportunity and as I traveled through this last year, thought, I am going to test my own statement. Not sure on how I was I going to get the photo, I figured I could lean on selfies as a last resort. Of course, I was thrilled when I found some candid shot that had been taken of some activity or function I was at and found that I just happened to be in the background . . . with a hand knit on!

The below is a one year effort. The photos are not necessarily becoming (boo) but they do illustrate that my hand knits are my wardrobe. I have paired the ‘every day shot’ with a photo that was taken during the original photo shoot so you can more clearly see the garment. The top photos or photos on the right are from the ‘posed’ while the others are the recent, candid ones. All of these projects can be found on my Ravelry page and are discussed in full length on my website.

From left to right, I am at the Science Museum in a celebration, gift giving a baby sweater (I knitted), and in NYC for work with colleagues.

In the second photo, I am at a Christmas party for Habitat for Humanity, difficult to see, but I am in the back with my beautiful hoodie glam, one of my all time favorites.

a selfie and working a job fair . . .

preparing for a presentation and at the airport . . .

The photo on the right is from a knitting guild meeting. I am actually working on the Messoni that you see, above. The photo on the left was ten years, ago and our very first hubby and I did together ‘on location’. (See fashionscape.) Can’t believe I still grab for this sweater to wear.

In the ‘everyday’ shot, I’m out and about in the rain and to its right, at the Art Gallery for a night out.

And, possibly the inspiration for this post was this photo below, right, that was snapped recently by a dear friend who exhibited such joy when I asked her to photograph this.

To readers I suggest considering such questions. “Am I wearing my hand knits? Is that my intention? What keeps my knits on the shelves as opposed to being worn? Am I making intentional moves to change what is not working?” Posing such questions to yourself and answering them honestly may help you to become the knitter you want to become.


11 responses to “Plan, Make, Finish, Wear”

  1. You have the most lovely handknits! I don’t have the photos to prove it, but this time of year I wear a hand knit thing every single day, even if it is just socks. But usually it is socks that coordinate with a sweater or shawl. A coworker often comments “ I love how your shawl always matches your outfit”. Not quite sure what she is surprised about, but let’s go with the fact that I have so many in a wide variety of colors!


    • Oh, my time with my website has been infrequent lately and I come to it and find this lovely comment of yours. I thank you for your kind words. And, true, she (your co-worker) ought not be surprised. We’ll just appreciate her kind words about your projects. I always love seeing other people’s hand knits on them when out and about. SSooo much better in person. . .

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      • I am not here as often as I would like, either! I am better about Ravelry, but work keeps interfering in it all. I agree about knitting is better in real life. And today I wore a little shawlette that I almost unraveled recently, and got so many compliments from the general public! I guess I will keep it. And yes, it matched skirt and socks!


        • gotta love work . . . ha. I’m just coming back from two days of work (my most recent employment gig) and trying now to reconnect to it all, too. Checking first on snow fall . . . Those comments are so lovely and inspirational. Happy knitting! (Attempting a test knit now . . . yikes)

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          • I hope not much snowfall! We were fortunate, the last storm was all rain, and it really cleared out the snow. Only ice is left, and not as much!


  2. I love this post, Holly. And of course, the thread that inspired it is one of my favorite conversations on Ravelry.


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