The Poncho Wrap

Is it a poncho?  Is it a wrap?  The designer, Vladimir Teriohkin names his design Helio Poncho, which means combining form.  Whatever you call it, it could not be easier to knit and exceedingly fun to wear.  Think, a few inches of ribbing, followed by a rectangle in straight stitch with a hole in it towards one end, and ending with the same number of inches in ribbing.  When complete,  pick up stitches around that hole for a nice 8 inch cowl.  It is as simple as that.  Knitted in Homespun from Lion Brand, a chunky, curly yarn, it knits up quickly and is impressively soft..  Wear it casual with moto joggers for Christmas tree shopping or fancy it up with more formal wear for an evening out,  The photographer snapped these photos while I was adjusting the multitude of ways of wearing.  We are at a Buffalo-famed ice cream shop, Anderson’s who rents out their lot to a Christmas tree farm every holiday season.  Paul Bunyan has stood proudly for years positioned along a main drag to announce the farm’s return to the local community.  So, here we are starting out where I’ve slipped this rectangle over my head, short length in front.

Front and back views, below.

Close ups of the neck detail.

Here, I am bringing up the back.  The length gets pulled in front for the wrap.

Using a cross over bag helps to keep the wrap securely in place.

The flat bed seemed perfectly positioned for a photo.

Maybe, this one.  Truth is, my tree is already up and fully decorated.

This lumberjack’s wearing short sleeves and I’m all bundled up.  Aren’t we festive?

Please note:  Not only is this pattern terrific fashion forward fun, it is one of a host of [FREE] patterns found on the Lion Brand website.  These patterns are often designed by the very designers you see in Vogue Knitting.  Does it get any better than that?

11 responses to “The Poncho Wrap”

  1. Enjoyed your poncho wrap gallery. My daughter in law wishes for a poncho but we have not found the perfect pattern she wishes for. I’ll show her this one., too.


    • Ruth, Thank you for your nice comment. I am not on WP near as often as you so I appreciate your patience in my responding. This poncho has a different shape to it, long in back, short in front. This may not be the pattern for you (or her). Ravelry, however has many.

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  2. What a cool poncho/wrap/extra-long dickey, it could be so many things! The pattern repository or many yarn brands is indeed a treasure, you can find so many great designs. This seems to be the perfect movie knitting project. And this bright red suits you.


    • Thank you, I do love this particular color, red. I am always surprised at how no one has knitted this piece before. It happens all the time. Like, how many knitters are there on Ravelry? I always fall in love with the least popular. At any rate, I’ve worn it out and casual. Just a fun piece.

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  3. Happy to see you looking so festive in a new handknit! It’s lovely, as always! So your tree is up and decorated, is it? Ours went up yesterday, we are letting the branches settle and will decorate this week.

    That Paul Bunyan gets around, we have a statue of him in Bangor, too. 😉


    • Oh, that is funny regarding Paul Bunyan replicas. He is an effective marketing tool. Well, he has always called me for a photo shoot. And, in the past, we have purchased Christmas trees from that lot. But, ’tis a new World now and this tree looks beautiful and will keep the spirit of the Holiday in good form for me. Hope you are well, happy holidays. More posts are coming as I catch up before 2019 hits.

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      • I will have to get a photo of ours for you!
        It is a new world, isn’t it? How are you doing? I’m looking forward to the posts, seeing the things you have done this year!


        • haha Always nice to share Paul Bunyans with one another! Careful I don’t write Paul’s buns! hahaha A year has passed, I am better, have moments but don’t we all. I’ve let my writing go . . . boo and hope to get back to it regularly in the new year. Have a wonderful holiday and thank you for your continuing and undying support.

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          • A year all ready. My! Of course you have moments that are better than others, what with you being human and all. I hope the better moments are outnumbering the other.

            Looking forward to more of your writing!

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    • Thank you, Abby! And, so clever a design. I pinned a bath towel to my top first, in back, to see if the concept held any truth. With thicker yarn, the project moves right along. Plus, there is something to picking up something easy after a lengthy, tedious project. hmm. . . there is a writing idea for a post! haha


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