Three cheers for love

Three takes

Three weeks

Three sisters

Three geographical locations

Three beautiful bouquets

Three days of family stories

Three delicious prepared-by-other dinner delights

Three sweater give-aways

Three prayers

Three cheers for love

An abundance of appreciation

5 responses to “Three cheers for love”

  1. Love your blog… Resonates with me in a lot of ways, including trying to be upbeat while worrying about the health of someone I love. And I love knitting! Vicariously only now, since I abandoned it for another craft, but love looking at and admiring others’ knitting, including now yours!
    I only wish I had your talent for organizing, taking care of, and pruning my ‘stash’ and products! (and other miscellania)
    –ingrid (from the wp forums)


    • Well, Ingrid . . nice to make your acquaintance. All new friends are welcome especially at this time. We did lose the battle of our loved one. My knitting needles and running legs are currently gathering dust as my heart is too heavy right now. Attention is on lifting that spirit with a little distraction called Lady (a new 4-legger in my life). (foreshadowing) Thank you for your kind words and yes, organizing is my middle name, for better or for worse. Now, I will take on your site and learn about loop braiding! :)


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