Blog Debacle

Anyone following hollyknits may have noticed the many changes and directions this blog has taken lately and none of those changes has anything to do with writing a new post!  So, what is the story and why no post?

I am always interested in making anything I create more pleasing to the eye so I’ve been strolling through the many options regarding color, font style, header options, widgets, etc.  Questions I asked myself (of which I have no answers):   what captures the attention best of the reader or which is kindest to the eye for reading?   So, with every visit to my blog over the last few months, I’ve changed one thing or another.  Whether all of these changes created the debacle my blog has in streaming to other sites or whether these other sites have some kind of interface or formatting issue, I have not been able to have my blog look like how I’ve created it in those other locations.   So, of course I wondered why.  Contacting wordpress first with a series of conversations and following the recommendations which included changing the theme of my blog, I did as recommended.  More change.  Still no luck with the streaming issue.  I began to wonder if the problem had to do with the relationship between these specific sites I was attempting to link, so I went as far as to research AND begin to set up my blog at other sites.  Being smart enough (she says sarcastically) to only partially set it up and then to check the relationship between that new site and other sites for streaming,  can you imagine how frustrated I was when the problem was still there?

Well, I am tired of fussing over the entire ordeal and want to settle on this matter in my mind.  Having only the power bestowed upon me, meaning I can’t manipulate those pixels, I am simplifying the entire matter.  I have decided to stay here at wordpress and choose a simple, less complicated theme that is free for users and to accept what is.  Maybe, there is something to leaving well enough alone hoping that over time, the internet, domains, interface, and who knows what will eventually sift and sort itself out and I will happily be linked again with the look and feel of the blog at every site the way I’ve set it up.  Maybe, a little finger crossing may help, too.

And, in the meantime, I have NO excuse for why I haven’t written a post in over four months.

2 responses to “Blog Debacle”

    • Stay tuned! Part of my debacle (which I was trying to stay humorous in this post) is that life has gotten busy and exciting in the knitting world. I will be posting details next followed by hubby’s finished cardigan! Your comment is very encouraging as I am quite distracted by these blog issues. My blog looks TERRIBLE on Ravelry and not like this AT ALL!


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