In the Pink (2 of 2)

It begins as a knitting project but somehow each garment ends up having a more involved back story.  This project was all about finding the right yarn or should I say, the right yarn combination.

Fur varsity jacket.  As quickly as I could say those words, fur varsity jacket, I was smitten.  Vladimir Teriokhin never disappoints and again here I was ready and willing to embark on another one of his designs.

Fur as seen on the runway this season . . . ah, yes and in pink!

Score! Lion Brand’s Romance!

Always wanting to use stash yarn, I began pairing this taupe I had with the lovely pink fur.

Hubby said it was the ugliest thing he had ever seen me knit.  I kept knitting, however and not until I was completely done with the entire jacket did I come to agree with him.  Ripping this out was no easy chore as I had held the taupe double with a single strand of fur so the 3 fibers had to be untangled afterwards.  If anyone has an easy tip for separating skeins of yarn, please pass it along.  (HERE is a Ravelry conversation where I was invited to share.)

So, take two.  A pink bulky called Blossom from Lion Brand to go with the pink fur.  Too much I thought?  Again, I reminded myself of the runway and decided to go for it.  Wow, and what a difference.

Knitting Tips

Set your gauge.  Know the finished measurements you want for your jacket.

The fur is actually quite easy to work with.  Simply hold with another yarn and knit as if it were just a strand of yarn.  Fur alone has no body.  After a few rows, pull the fur out to the front or actually carefully comb your fabric.  The teeth of the comb will gently pull the fur to the front.

Do not knit the last stitch of the fabric with fur.  That leaves a nice selvage stitch for seaming without bulk.

I was unhappy with the front band knitting it with the front.  It was gaping as the rib stitch and the fur stockinette stitch were not the same gauge.  (Is it ever the same gauge?)  So, I ripped out the work, placed 4 stitches on hold for the band, and knitted the front as per direction.  Afterward, I picked up those 4 stitches, casted on one more stitch, knitted the band to perfectly fit the front, then sewed it to the front with that extra stitch for the seam.  The front band lays flat.

Pay particular attention to the zipper you install.  Mine came from I love that this zipper has a pull on both ends.  Hand sewing the zipper in the ditch of the ribbed band makes for a professional finish.

I purchased lining fabric for the pockets.  I sewed them using the measurements given in the pattern and lined them, then hand sewed them into the slits that were created along the front.

I do so love pockets in a garment.

This pink is surprisingly versatile and coordinates well with any number of garments in my wardrobe.  hmmm . . .

This was photographed behind the beautiful historic Buffalo Albright Knox Art Gallery on an 85 degree day.  Crazy.  Not really. For once, I actually feel ahead of the game having this ready for the inevitable cool Fall days that lie ahead.  OH, and now hubby is on board.

18 responses to “In the Pink (2 of 2)”

  1. Love your work on Rav and have only just found your blog! I love how you go for it with the bold choices, it’s inspiring. Hope knitting hopes keep you going through the tough times, I know it does for me.


  2. That is a fabulous creation! I love that you were willing to rip the whole thing out and start again. You look like a million bucks. I bet it’s fun to cuddle into, as well. Great to see you constantly challenging yourself with your knitting. Here’s to a groovy Fall ’17!


  3. You are amazing! The things you knit that are lovely, but that I would never have dreamed of making! As always, you executed the plan perfectly. And look lovely in the photos. Did you really model a fur sweater in the summer in upstate New York? Brave woman!


  4. Holly, you never cease to amaze me with your skills and choice of patterns. It is awesome ! Really groovy. Great tips for knitting with fur too. Pink goes with so many colors, surprinsingly. What a great addition to your wardrobe.


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