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On Posting Stash

Ravelry. Who doesn’t love Ravelry? Anyone who has visited or has joined Ravelry raves about this online community.

As defined, “Ravelry is a community site, an organizational tool, and a yarn & pattern database for knitters and crocheters”, a site I have been on for over ten years now. It has a growing number of functions, many more than I utilize and many more than I probably realize. From designers to browsers, this site can work for anyone. The site’s database is perfect for surfing whether for yarn or for patterns, the concept of community is forever growing and allows people to join groups, participate in forums, and make friendships around common interests/happenings etc. ‘Hearting’ favorites is a bookmarking system that pretty much is a part of all social media sites. This site is so popular for the people that belong, it is oftentimes discussed how difficult it is to find the balance between the actual time spent on knitting (or crocheting) and the time spent on Ravelry.

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Vintage Art

I’m always talking about Vogue Knitting. Likely, I will always be talking about Vogue Knitting. Not only have I found this publication the most fashionable, fashion is my motivation to knit, I have come to understand the way their patterns are written and follow designers who have found their work published there. Adding to my attraction and deep dedication to this magazine are the more recent events of attending Vogue Knitting Live, walking the runway at the event, and being recognized for my knitted garments. That does not mean I am not aware or do not appreciate other publications for knitting, crocheting, and sewing that are forever beckoning our attention.

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Yarning About Dye Lots (Part 1 of 2)

You might think purchasing yarn a simple matter.  I’ve had questions and heard comments from non-knitters that remind me that purchasing yarn is anything BUT simple.  Such questions as “So, what’s the difference between “craft” yarn versus yarn purchased at a yarn store or specialty shop?” or “Why do you order online?  Can’t you find yarn, locally?” Continue reading Yarning About Dye Lots (Part 1 of 2)