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Blog Hop on Creativity

An invite  from a fellow Raveler, Bowie asking if I would like to participate in a creative blog hop!  Sure would!  I love questions such as these as they force thinking of the why and wherefore of things, and I know that reflection on any level is the best way to learn, for everyone.  Also, this reminds me of those chain letters from days gone by.  Anyone else remember those?

Drapey (2 of 2)

What is it about Tom Scott that captures my attention?  Whoever would think to take the traditional cardigan, flip it around, and call it fashionable?  Tom Scott!  AND, whoever would think to design a garment that is knitted from the bottom to the top, but is supposed to be worn sideways?  You would think that designing a sweater would be challenging enough, but Tom Scott clearly takes it to the next level.  Here, you can see what I mean.

Long awaited ‘Drapey’ (Part 1 of 2)

Finally and finished!  This has been on my mind since turning the page of that exquisite Vogue Knitting Magazine Issue, way back in the Spring of 2013.  Smitten with this Tom Scott beauty and Tom Scott’s designs, in general, I ordered the yarn immediately thinking that the yarn and my working it up was just around the corner.  Well, you’ve already heard the saga of the yarn purchase and it is now a year and a half later and I’m just now posting the finished garment.  As they say, better late than never. I do love this piece and glad I stuck to my guns in seeing it to fruition.  I tend to fall in love and commit to a project without reading the how-tos and where-fors FIRST to see if the project is actually feasible.  Rather, I tend to say to myself, “Whatever it takes…”.  So, the first thing I noticed when I actually decided to READ the directions is that the entire piece is knitted in the round.  UGH.  Most of you  probably love that however, …

Color 25, Lot 661488 SOLD!

The saga of the dye lot has finally come to a close but not without a continuing story of twists and turns, hope and disappointment, and finally success! After returning the mix and match dye lot of Zitron Savanna and being charged a re-stocking fee, I was left with the love of a Tom Scott design and no yarn.  So, of course, I returned to a world-wide search of this yarn and came across a delightful online store I was later to find out represented a yarn shop located in The Netherlands.  This online shop indicated it carried this yarn.  I immediately regained my enthusiasm and explained the dye lot issue to the proprietor, Astrid.  As she double-checked her stock to my insistence, she indeed discovered that her yarn was NOT of the same dye lot but she assured me she would call the company which is located in Germany to get what I wanted.  In the meantime, she kindly recommended a  replacement yarn in case she did not meet with success.  Through a long …