In the Pink (1 of 2)

I love pink, especially pale pink.  Inspired by Rebecca Taylor‘s color palette as seen in some of her recent collections and the fact that I am making every attempt coordinating the pieces I knit with my existing wardrobe, I thought I would knit myself a kind of mini collection.  With my eye on a knitted modern baseball jacket pattern (foreshadowing), I wondered if the other pink yarn I had in my stash might make the perfect complement as a hoodie.

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Getting to Know Me, Part Two of Three

Ponchos, Capes, and Fawnchos Oh, My!

Gee, I’ve got the song  “Getting to Know You“, a show tune from the 1951 Rodgers and Hammerstein musical, The King and I and Dorothy’s (Wizard of Oz) little fear-of-the-forest chant going on in your mind right now.   Maybe, purposeful to distract you from the word, me.  I am not comfortable  with that word in any form of communication as I am more shy than not when speaking about myself and am continuing to adjust taking on this public forum.  I ponder the reasons why I am doing so and sometimes I say, oh, it is the teacher in me and I want to write a series of “how-to” posts on knitting techniques  or another day I might say I just love thinking about fashion no matter what the venue.  Maybe, it is the longevity of  the love of knitting I have and/or feelings of success I’ve had with this art form in the recent years.  Or, an effort to gain followers as I consider design work in the future? …. whatever the reason, it’s probably more on my mind than yours, so with that here is my “collection” of ponchos, capes, and fawnchos, oh my!  Now they say, just because you can knit something does not mean you should.   However, I believe unique shapes, style, and variety keeps one in the forefront of fashion and in the minds of others.

Criteria for choosing projects that I use:

  • immediate excitement of pattern or construction of a project
  • challenging in some way
  • can be paired with existing pieces in current wardrobe
  • has a purpose or becomes a focal point
  • must be a style that works for me
  • original and hopefully not able to be found in a clothing store

So, here we go with a shoulder shrug, designed by Teva Durham and found in Scarf Style, a book on my “recommendations” shelf.  I am madly in love with pieces that are versatile.  When you pull the sleeves off, you can wrap them around your neck as a scarf.  I wished I had one of these in every color.

Here is another of similar style designed by Sarah Hatton, found in Rowan Studio 2.  Love it with black.

Much more challenging to knit and my first go at “short rows” was this fabulous cropped hoodie, designed by Mari Muinonen, found in Vogue Knitting Winter 2008/2009.  The yarn is hand-dyed Koigu and is as exquisite as the design.  Mix and match buttons, to me, complete the look perfectly.

Lipp Holmfeld‘s tabard from Vogue Knitting Fall 2001 works throughout the fall and winter seasons with jeans, skirts… you name it, much fun and is a project that is easy to knit.

When I first saw the below, it did not appeal to me at all.  Curious to know how it was constructed, however I read about it and then it became a must-do.  A simple fold here and there?  How ingenious is designer Rebecca Taylor!  Found in Vogue Knitting Fall 2010 and knitted in sumptuous yarn from Blue Sky Alpaca Yarns, the most amazing yarn ever.  You can just see the softness in the photo.  (This is the sweater that is shown in the header of this blog.)

Reversible is this two-tone vest; worn with the strap in front or back and caught my attention in every way.   Also,  reversible turning it inside or out.  This pattern simply would not leave my mind until I knitted it.  Design is by Lynne Barr, found in Reversible Knitting:  50 Brand New Groundbreaking Stitch Patterns (on my “recommendations” shelf)…..

You see now what I mean about variety of design that captures attention while staying true to style, shape, and line.  The poncho was designed by Vogue Knitting‘s 2010 Holiday issue by Michele Wang.  The red hat was a gift from the photographer.

Just love the cape worn here with jeans, however looks equally great with skirts, designed by Vladimir Teriokhin and is a free Vogue Knitting pattern from their website…

Norah Gaughan has excited me over time with her designs; such a simple pullover thing this is and worn a myriad of times; pattern found in Volume One, Norah Gaughan Collection for Berroco Yarns.

And, finally Fawncho, which could and may be a post onto itself.  So sweet, designed by Tiny Owl Knits, one peruses this designer’s work and FINDS a way to make her pieces fit into one’s lifestyle!

I believe this collection reveals my taste and style in fashion as well as gives you a road map of where I have been with my knitting.

Whatever is your style, stand by it.  Be your own person and be proud of who you are.  Enjoy the design work of others for inspiration holding to your own aesthetic.  Experiment! Play with the creativity and spirit that is within you and let it be your guide.

Part Three, next and will be dedicated to Laura…..