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Knitting, step aside for barn quilts!

Perhaps a hidden gem of a ‘field trip’ or perhaps I am the last to partake in this experience, here is an idea for you and your family, rain or shine. It is called the Wyoming County’s Barn Quilt Trail. I originally heard about it from the Rochester, NY cadre of colleagues from SME some years, ago and as we do in life, filed it away as a really neat thing to do wondering if the opportunity would ever arise. And, it did thanks to a very patient and kind CF (college friend). Think map of Wyoming County. Think quilts. Think a community who has united themselves by hanging quilts, that is barn quilts, on different structures throughout their community. Wyoming County Strong!

These structures currently include businesses, private homes, and barns. The quilts are called barn quilts in the fact that they are wood therefore can be displayed outside, sometimes painted in design, sometimes pieced. All of them are brilliantly colored and all represent traditional quilt patterns. (The names of all the quilts seen here are posted on the map at the bottom of the post. Can you make the match?)

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