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Repurposing Space for my Hand Knits

So, I was in quarantine for 14 days due to my recent travel to Virginia, respecting Governor Cuomo’s decree. When I went to the door to fetch my mail, a neighbor called out. She kindly asked how I was doing and if I was bored. I was in about the 6th day of stay-at-home orders. I said no, that I was independent. She acted surprised maybe wondering what I was doing. And, I wondered about her reaction thinking how different is 14 days of quarantine from anyone else’s life during the pandemic?

It seems like 2020 is a tale of two miseries, overwhelm and underwhelm. There are those people with children who face unspeakable, unreasonable, and impossible choices for themselves and their children and those who find themselves at home with their entire life having just been pulled from under them. I am in the latter group. So, re-establishing a new plan at home that is purposeful, sustainable, and to some degree, enjoyable is the current goal to avoid boredom and bitterness that could easily sweep in.

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Stash Talk, Again

Stash.  Definition:  stash 1 |staSH| informal
verb [ with obj. ]
store (something) safely and secretly in a specified place: their wealth had been stashed away in Swiss banks.
1 a secret store of something: the man grudgingly handed over a stash of notes.
• a quantity of an illegal drug, especially one kept for personal use: one prisoner tried to swallow his stash.
2 dated a hiding place or hideout.

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What’s OUT and what’s IN regarding FO Storage (Part 1 of 3)

In reviewing  my last post called Keeping Site for Knitwear where I discuss my thoughts for storing hand knits or finished objects (FOs), I still feel very much the same way today as then regarding storage of this collection.  In reality however, I was not following one of my criteria, EASY ACCESS, I set for myself (which is odd) and that is why I had to revisit this in my life and why I am here talking about it again with you.  And, the importance of easy access is because this is one knitter who really DOES wear her hand knits.

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