Blossom Keepsake

Well, I feel a bit like I have been cheating on my blog as I have been busily writing reviews of recent events that have been happening at the Knitting Guild of Greater Buffalo rather than writing posts, here.  And, the deadline for entries for this monthly newsletter was moved up a week which put a cramp on my style as I wanted to finish a project I was working on, have it photographed, and have it included in the review I wrote about Nicky Epstein’s visit.  Well, I did finish, I did have the photo shoot and I did enter one photograph as per wish.  Remember when I wrote here about Nicky’s  visit to Buffalo, the class I took, the flowers we made, and how I wanted to knit a keepsake of her visit?  Here is my finished effort and let me tell you, so easy to create.  I say create because once you’ve knitted all the flowers, there are a zillion ways you could configure to put this together.

It just so happened that I grabbed my bag of Rowan Pure Wool DK scrap yarn from this project, knitted a few years back, for Nicky’s class that day and a size 5 needle.  During class I made, as per direction, one flower.  I really liked it and when Nicky shared the pattern from VK Fall 2007 Anniversary Issue (was the cover, also), I knew I was hooked to keep going.

Knitting the flowers themselves are very easy.  It is simply a 12 row repeat (with every other row being simply knit) and you repeat those 12 rows, 5 times for each flower.  The green garland which is the base of the scarf is knitted the same way however with many more repeats.  I used up scrap yarn by knitting until I ran out, then picked up another shade of green or brown for the base and pinks and purples for the flowers.  When it came time for the sewing, I first appliquéd the flowers to the base garland to the perimeter, having arranged them and then brought the flowers together and sewed petal to petal here and there to make the oblong shape.  Wine doesn’t hurt.

I like a bit of durability to my projects for ease of wearing and to prevent stretching, so I sewed seam tape along the neckline.

This will also be a firm place in which to sew in my label.

Here I am at farmer’s market and yes, we bought delicious, sweet white corn on the cob, part of last night’s dinner and a broccoli for quiche that I will make for tonight.

We chuckled at the large vase with no flowers and wondered if I should jump in!  The pics are a little dark but we were against that time constraint of deadline, at least that is my excuse.

I really did love the inspirational ideas of Nicky’s and have already planned the next project from one of her books.  And, I love my scarf which will remind me to “have fun with it”, be whimsical, daring, and most importantly, keep it light.  It’s knitting, after all!

Knitting, Nicky, and New

In keeping with the theme of “new possibilities” at this time of rebirth, aka retirement, I am excited to say there is more to report!  Actually, a few new things.  Odd as it may seem, I have never belonged to an established knitting group.  I felt what little time I had for knitting during the child-rearing and employment years could best be spent with actual knitting rather than traveling to do the same.  There are a few exceptions as I recall a year or two where a few of us colleagues met about 1x/month, rotated to each other’s homes and attempted to knit.  Attempted, I say because we were so busy chatting about school life as school life doesn’t allow time for such chit chat, the knitting needles barely came out.  And, then there were the sessions with the lovely neighbor who, to this day, I credit for my inspiration to knit.  Her beautiful stockinette suits with picot raglan sleeves and straight skirts sent me into a love affair I still have today.  Aside from these two experiences, it’s been a quiet existence creating my hand knits.

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