Mom Strong

The other night I was asked to define this term.  It was my daughter who asked and I took the request seriously.  I played around with the concept wondering if ‘MomStrong’ was a noun, verb, or adjective realizing it is truly all of them.  I gave considerable attention to its definition.  My daughter explained defining the term was the theme of the week at her place of work.

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From a Mother to her Daughter, on Mother’s Day


I was gifted a book, My Daughter, My Joy… The Greatest Tributes to Daughters That Have Ever Been Written.  The book is a collection of beautiful poems, sayings, and short stories written by famous poets and authors who are expressing their points of view with creative, thought provoking prose on relationships between mothers and daughters.  The book was a gift to me from my own Mom a few years back.  I wonder if she remembers.

Somehow, I find this book in my hands today.  Maybe, because it is Mother’s Day.  Maybe, because my daughter just took a turn into the next decade.  Maybe, because I am nearing the end of a career.  In any case, how lovely it is that I am finding these words a source of solace today.  And, how fortunate to comfort a reader who might be feeling a bit reflective in their relationship with their child and/or their mother.

I would like to share this quote that has such significance for my daughter and me.   Happy Mother’s Day to you.

“As we move off into the future, two separate women each struggling to complete herself, I know that we will reach out to each other.  In my strength I can be a tree for you to lean against.  In my weakness, I will need your hand.”

by Rita Freedman