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Fashion Quiz

Directions:  Multiple Choice.  You are to choose:  likeness or not.   Senerio:  I recently knitted this adorable (well, I think) fawncho (poncho) and any completion of a project is always followed by a photo shoot.  And, it seems to be at the site of the photo shoot when my hubby becomes familiar with the new

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Knitting Parallels Writing

I read an article in the Washington Post entitled Olympic Knitting by Ruth Marcus.  I couldn’t wait to read it!   She compares the two by saying how both conjure something out of virtually nothing – the blank page, a ball of yarn.  “Yup”, I am thinking.  Both processes are mined with frustration:  the column simply wasn’t

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Summer is here, after all

Now, ’tis true we all find time to follow people and places we most enjoy in life.  So is this true of me. And, in so doing, browsing these familiar and endearing sites this weekend, I came upon this!  Imagine my surprise upon reading about the community that surrounds my high school, the town where

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