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Sub-title Finalized

I must say, when I embarked on this new endeavor to write a blog, the theme of my blog as well as the main title came immediately to me.  Philosophical in nature as well as my reality, I believe my life has exemplified appreciating what I have and making the most of every day.  There

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Cuts of Me(at)

I’d hate to tell you how many times my hubby has pulled me aside to teach me the different parts or cuts of meat.  Tenderloin, round, cutlet, sirloin, frankly it is all greek to me.  At the dinner table, at the grocery store, he has pointed, explained, and clarified the why, the when, and the

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Gauge Your Confidence, Take Control

Did you ever hear, “Oh, Yes!  I drive but I only make right turns!”  or “Sure, I have my license but do not drive on the thruway.” I see it in teaching.  Oh, Yes!  I teach this method, or I have always taught those units.  When I hear these things I ask myself, who is

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