Cape as Finished Project / knitting notes

If you are a reader of Hollyknits, you know I’ve been talking about a wedding cape I recently made for a daughter of a friend.  Also, a former student of mine!  Since it is a high risk thing to knit for another,  I share tips on how to do so, here.   I talk about details of gift giving, here. This post, while on the same project is moving away from the event and focusing on the knitting of the cape, itself. Cape as Finished Project / knitting notes

I said Yes to the . . . Cape / Tips on Knitting for Others

When I was recently asked to knit a garment, I couldn’t say no.  I couldn’t say no for many reasons.  First off, it was a friend who asked.  I will call her Mom.  The garment was to be a cape and I love capes.  A wedding cape!  Who doesn’t love a wedding?  This wedding was her daughter’s.   I happen to know the bride well as she was also a student of mine,  a diligent, hard-working, serious student I remember from many, many years ago.  This former student is now an adult and working her way through the leadership ranks of the service and getting married at West Point, of course!  Who isn’t proud of someone who has met with professional success? Who wouldn’t be honored to have their knitting worn by another and their talent of craftsmanship chosen for the task?  Hence, I said yes to the cape project and so, we began. I said Yes to the . . . Cape / Tips on Knitting for Others