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.5 Duck Egg

Writing is therapy for me. I miss writing about knitting. Somehow, in between the months of being a care-taker, looking for employment during coronavirus (all previous employment vanished), finding a new teaching position with iTutor and learning how to teach online (no easy feat), I did succeed in completing 7 projects. I look back and

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The Gyro Experience

I thought I could do it. A test knit. Test a pattern for accuracies before publication. I counted the weeks, predicted how much time I could dedicate to knitting each of those week . . . and calculated. Yep, I could do it, I thought and then . . . nope, notta, nothing. The due

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Label Lovers, Anyone?

I love knitting from past issues of VK magazines. And, it appears I am not the only one as seen by the continuing invitation threads posted on Ravelry from the Vogue Knitting group. These invites are meant to inspire and motivate and they indeed do, not to mention they are just plain fun sharing enthusiasm

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