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Blog Hop on Creativity

An invite  from a fellow Raveler, Bowie asking if I would like to participate in a creative blog hop!  Sure would!  I love questions such as these as they force thinking of the why and wherefore of things, and I know that reflection on any level is the best way to learn, for everyone.  Also, this reminds me of those chain letters from days gone by.  Anyone else remember those?

ON the Runway, 2015

From couch to runway…  Well, let’s just say I have always been a private knitter.   For years I’ve knitted right here in my house, wherever it might be, in the location that was designated by the family as Holly’s knitting spot, and pretty much under the same lamp that has traveled with us from one location to another.  The lamp itself blinks due to age or an ill kept electrical connection and we need to turn over the cushion of the seat often to prevent the sag that ultimately is formed.  I do not belong to a knitting group (currently, but that could change) as I’m too tired after life’s responsibilities to find and get to one and I do not take my knitting with me when I travel or to work.  Teaching does not allow time for knitting (what the heck job does?) and I like travel time to be reflective in nature.  These are the habits that I’ve developed and we all know that people are creatures of their own habits.

Getting to Know Me – Part One of Three

As I enter into the world of blogging, you must be thinking, who is this girl anyway who claims to know a thing or two about knitting?  I mean, I would be asking that!  In an effort to satisfy that very question, I have decided to share a few projects with you that may give you a sense of who I am as a knitter.  Somehow, as I perused my finished projects to make that choice (in Ravelry), the projects naturally fell into three categories:  Fame, What’s Old is New Again, and Capes Ponchos Fawnchos, Oh My!  I will share these categories over the next few weeks beginning with: FAME They say that everyone, at some point in their life, has at least fifteen minutes of fame, phrase first coined by the world renowned artist, Andy Warhol.  I have wondered if I’ve had my fifteen minutes.  Maybe, when I was a young teenager and asked to represent Camp Sprucelands, a Horse Back Riding Camp; to ride in the annual horse show at the Erie County …