Varsity Jacket

I love pink. I love perusing and, of course, utilizing [FREE] patterns. Every company has a catch of these. I mean, who doesn’t like free? Free patterns, in particular, on the Vogue Knitting site as well as on the Lion Brand site have caught my attention. It’s not so much the ‘where’ these patterns are located but the ‘who’ is designing them. The designers that I have come to follow, design for these particular companies, therefore many of their free-for-customers patterns are then offered in these places. I have knitted quite a few of Vladimir Teriohkin’s patterns now, both free and otherwise.

This varsity jacket holds a special place in my heart as every step of this project was done at least twice including yarn choice and zipper installation, a testimony and mantra I say to people, “Ripping out is still knitting, only to make better.”

  • Pattern: Lion Brand Yarn Website Patterns
  • Designer: Vladimir Teriohkin
  • Yarn: Lion Brand Romance, Pink Satin
  • Photo Location: Albright Knox Art Gallery
  • Elements of Design: varsity-style jacket with zipper, straight stitch, holding bulky yarn together with fur for body

further details here

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