CK Cabled Suit

I knitted this long before Ravelry and long before I began my website. I still remember pining over this pattern long before I finally had the courage to take it on. Courage, you ask? Just look at all the fabric . . . all in cables . . . oversized cardigan. . . . complete with a skirt. I remember going to a local yarn shop and asking for help in finding a substitute yarn that would work as, in those days, it was pretty near impossible to get a hold of the yarn that the pattern actually used. I was young when I began this, with a young family, and employed. I remember knitting this in chunks over years of time. Somehow, I knew the time and determination to complete this two-piecer would pay off. This suit has walked the runway at Vogue Knitting Live as well as continues to hold longevity in style as well as condition therefore finds itself as a perfect winter mainstay to this day.

  • Pattern Resource: Vogue Knitting Fall/Winter 1987
  • Designer: Calvin Klein
  • Yarn: Karen M Luxury, Naturally DK 50% wool, 50% goat hair
  • Photo Location: Buffalo History Museum
  • Elements of Design: cable, collared, oversized cardigan, short straight skirt

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