Blue Sky Trench

I love knitting coats, this one is done with two shades of solid blue, knitted using the linen stitch which is achieved with slip stitches which actually means just that, stitches you do not work, just pass over the needle, is light in weight, and absolutely perfect for a cool Spring day.  I love the edged pockets, front, collar, and sleeve bands in the darker blue hue.

You might wonder why I chose this to be in my portfolio? What I have noticed in my years of knitting is that the fiber one chooses for a pattern is very important. Certain yarns drape better, hold body better, show off stitches better, and so on. I also have noticed that fibers that are not wool seem to get a bad rap. This project is 100% acrylic. Due to the nature of the shape of the coat being narrow at the hem, the acrylic works. Due to the acrylic, the coat is feather-light to wear for Spring. A real ‘feather in its cap’ is when the weather changes, it is easy to drape over your arm. So, this garment is here as an example that fiber of all kinds can work if paired with the right pattern.

  • Pattern: Vogue Knitting Online Store
  • Designer: Wilma Peers
  • Yarn: Lion Brand Jiffy Solid
  • Photo Location: Niagara River
  • Elements of Design: linen stitch, knee-length coat

more details here

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