Nik One, Purl One

Nik one, purl one, Nik one, purl one …   There I was, debating watching history in the making.  I figured I would simply knit my way into the night, a typical Friday evening after a full week’s work, having mindless TV, and enjoy the evening.   Yes, there I was, giving no consideration to the man of the hour and what he was about to do.  I scoffed at the act, was ignorant of his generations that had performed before him, and without thought, in between rows of stockinette stitches, I looked up at the television screen. Nik One, Purl One

Blog’s Title

Bloom Where You Are ~

So, the title of this blog.  Let me explain.  Of course, we may all be familiar with the expression, bloom where you are planted.  I’ve always thought it meant do loving deeds no matter what the situation and circumstances.  Other interpretations may revolve around friendship or making good of a difficult situation… Blog’s Title