Inspiration as Guide

Anyone out there having the challenge of choosing their next knitting project?  I used to  have the conundrum about four times a year, every time I received a new Vogue Knitting in the mail.  And, I thought I was inundated with choice, then!  Now, with Ravelry, social networking, and independent designers both far and near and accessible to the masses,  the choice nowadays really is overwhelming! Inspiration as Guide

Fait Accompli

Hello, blog!  I’ve missed you and I send my condolences for letting you fly on your own. However, this is the season for holidays, birthdays, and visiting with friends of silver and gold (a Girl Scout motto meaning old and new).  And, this particular year held a special birthday that was worth taking notice, and so we did. Fait Accompli

These are a few of my Favorite Things

I have always loved coffee tables.  Especially mine.  It sits next to one of my favorite spots in the house, it is beautiful to look at with its stone tiles, it is spacious, and it houses all of my favorite things.  If you look closely you will see one of my trays holding knitting supplies for a current project (project unseen, here), an open Vogue Knitting magazine (key word, open), my favorite coffee mug (albeit, ugly) a watch (a wardrobe staple for years), and… a pooch!  Like I said, I have always loved coffee tables! These are a few of my Favorite Things

Purls of Wisdom or Assault with Words

I recently became seemingly unpopular when responding to a forum on Ravelry.  The prompt went as follows:

I was interested to read the ‘Purls of Wisdom’ questions posed to knitting designers in VK Fall 2012 and I wonder what rules you always or never break?   I think of VK (Vogue Knitting) fans as slightly curious and adventurous, with certain a sense of style, not afraid of a knitting challenge and definitely opinionated.  So what say you?   Purls of Wisdom or Assault with Words

Three Cheers for Poise, Posture, and Winning Attitude

Posture is something I rarely hear people talk about and yet, I believe it to be the cornerstone of great looks.  When was the last time posture was the topic of your conversation?  One usually hears, “Love your hair! Where did you get your shoes?  Great skirt!”  These are typical conversational items.  Imagine “You know, I am impressed with the way you hold your body.  Standing nice and tall makes you prettier.  I wish I could stop fidgeting.”  These are things not mentioned and yet, it is a person’s poise that really captures people’s attention.

Three Cheers for Poise, Posture, and Winning Attitude

Addendum to Yarn Bombing

Words from a recent email:  “Dad says, check out the Cinelli.  He changed the bars back to the original Cinelli bar and stem – he wrapped the bars himself and remembered how!  He chose to save the beautiful Record levers.  He rode the bike 20 miles Sunday in a little better than an hour and is happy with that.” Addendum to Yarn Bombing

Ode to a Crow

As summer is coming to a close, I pause to reflect.  I can usually identify something, possibly an event or a person who stands out as a symbol of a summer gone by.  Just a bit of memorabilia, to file away to recall a specific time.  I remember the summer of the hawk, the season of rats (sorry, but true) followed by bats, and this summer’s highlight, a crow. Ode to a Crow

Plan B

Challenges.  Even in pleasure there are challenges or maybe your challenges are your pleasure.  Knitting gives me a high level of pleasure but I could list an abundance of challenges that knitting has brought me:  stitch difficulty, yarn disappointment, confusion with directions, size issues, and the list goes on.  Any project that you deemed a good idea may turn awry at any time.  As an advanced knitter, I have learned some techniques that ward off or, at least bring to a minimum some of those issues that I have encountered.  However, I believe the biggest challenge I continue to battle is the time limitation I have for knitting.  And, it does not help at all when I peruse the knitting site and see how some can produce many projects very quickly.   Knitting is not my career so the time I have for it is quite limiting. Plan B