Pebble in the Water

Pebble tossed in the water does not move
yet its ripples reach wide and far

Sometimes decisions are difficult to make
While life continues in its fury.

So, the yarn stash remains still
Pattern overload in full throttle

Blog shows lifeless
While ideas are abundant

Running clothes neatly folded
Rather odd for ‘an athlete’ in training

The pebble in the water needs another toss
Who knows where it might land.

It Takes Time

It is supposed to snow in December
a Winter Wonderland to unfold
With winds expecting to blow
The air meaning to be chilly.

It is expected to honor the calendar
The decorations to go up
Lights to beautify and celebrate
cleaning and preparations to be well underway
During a holiday season.

It is Nature’s way geese flying South
Mallards wading softly
Cardinals singing
Patterns we identify in our neighborhood.

The heart has a rhythm
The couple has a plan
The knitted fabric supposing to grow.
It is what has come to us as natural.

But, when the world presents itself
with surprises,
Modern Earth planning differently,
and we are witness to things out of our control

The life beat interrupts
And, one has to cope with
a new reality

It takes time.

Dog’s Day During Allergy Season

snore snore snore

lick lick lick lick
scratch, sniff, sneeze, slurp slurp slurp

pant pant pant
pant pant

clammer, clink, clunk, clammer, clink, clunk

pound pound pound

lick lick lick lick
scratch, sniff, sneeze, slurp slurp slurp

crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch
lap lap lap lap lap

jump run jump run





lick lick lick lick
scratch, sniff, sneeze, slurp slurp slurp




lick lick lick lick
scratch, sniff, sneeze, slurp slurp slurp


snore snore snore . . .



I took this picture while recently gardening and recalled Robert’s lovely moth poem as seen on his blog, O at the Edges, I couldn’t help but play around a little with some words and ideas.

Small toads mingle

among the weeds.
I see their

movement as I bend
down, hands toiling
remembering the joy

of childhood play.
It is humid
again this morning.

On Kindness

Gift bouquet for her, found on desk,

brought home and admired by

No card, but giver identified.   Flowers lovingly placed in a vase.
A thank you for an act of kindness.  He

positions, re-positions tulips in different rooms as the day wanes
carefully carrying and turning the bouquet into the


She said it was for putting others first.  He
changes the water for freshness, admiring commentary with every turn.

Signs of appreciation bloom,
beautifies a home in many ways.

Cardigan or Pullover

Cardigan, pullover, cardigan, pullover, which shall I choose?
It’s like music to our internal souls,
Rhythm we knitters dance and understand.
A repetition that motivates and gives us direction.
Patterns on the shelves,  designers desiring our attention.
Each calling to be chosen for the next exciting project.

Cardigan, pullover, cardigan, pullover, you know how I want to choose you
Do I need a work horse, a hearty cardigan for my Spring look,  I ask?
Knowing its versatility in zipper, button, or hook.
“I keep the breeze off your shoulders on cool summer evenings,” it sings
“In bulky weight I can be your jacket, coat, outer layer that can serve you as you need.”
Or, do I need a more casual look?

Cardigan, pullover, cardigan, pullover, it is time I make a choice,
Pullovers, pullovers, pullover; styles galore.
Round neck, v-neck, scoop, and boat
“No need to fuss with me.  I come short, long, baggy, or lean.
And, many on Ravelry see me in stripe
I’m what you chose to take on a Friday night.”

Each has their advantage, a place in a wardrobe and in a knitter’s queue.
Each has their shortcomings, when the weather does not cooperate.
Cardigan, pullover it is always nice to have the option,
Look in your wardrobe to make that wise decision,
Cardigan, pullover, cardigan, pullover which shall I choose?
Cardigan, pullover, maybe I’ll knit one of each.

on blogging

A post, a page, a project

A link, a tag, a slug
A menu, a parent, a category
For cryin’ out loud,
All I want to do is write!

A logo, an icon, a graphic,
3-column, static, or slideshow
A comment, a like, a share,
For cryin’ out loud,
All I want to do is write!

A theme, a message, one’s purpose
A journal, to teach, or shop?
Wordpress, Squarespace, or not
For cryin’ out loud –
All I want to do is write!

Unlikely Knitting Collectible

Unlikely knitting collectible

two become one
in pursuit of an image
planning, traveling, reflecting
enjoying the experience
without whom
are separate.

Unlikely knitting collectible
dear friends
after many years
sharing in fashion
once again
they may look like twins.

Unlikely knitting collectible
suggestion made
keynote speaker
was that my name?
in time of comfort and sorrow
and she doesn’t even know.