Happy Easter

Anticipation,  frustration,  ignorance is bliss

Impactful, devastating, hopeful we wait

We alter our behaviors

as we are told

missing the touching, the smiles, the cheer,

creating new avenues as best as

we can.

Many lives lost

make no mistake. Join

in the grief, an ever-growing group.

Family ties temporarily lost

with focused effort  towards re-connection.

I am appreciative

of those who are reaching out –

A chocolate bunny found in my mailbox today

now half eaten with joy in my heart,

a virtual meet up later today

to wish a far-away family 

Happy Easter and good cheer.

Reflections in Remembrance

Life Past

had a traditional beat
Fall in love
followed by children, picket-fenced house
originality not needed
following societies’ time table

For me, it was quite easy
Dutiful wife, lover, best friend
of many years.

It has now been two years without.

Life Present

fumbling, unsure
many mistakes
feelings hurt, hurting feelings

Shutting down at times,
the learning curve overwhelming

living a life chosen for me
The crank shaft turns slowly
as finding

inner happiness is my motivation.

Life Future

Planning seems remote
Roots of new relationships developing
Creative solutions and researching options
to accept alternative ideas

An untraditional beat.

Wishing for familiarity, comfort

Hoping to turn grief into gratitude

And to be steady to those I love.

A Valentine for Late Hubby

Roses are red
Violets blue
Your loved ones
Are remembering
The day I married you!

Roses are Red
Violets blue
now collected in my heart
are memories of you

Roses are red
Violets indeed are blue
I will stop by
and blow a kiss to you

Life does go on
whether we like it or not, tis true
I can no longer say
Happy Anniversary to you

It is a constant that roses are red
and violets blue
As with things tangible
we can count on remain true

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Life is now offering
A new point of view.


The Cardinal

Fly, fly said the mother
listing, fluttering
giving everything she had
One day, the wind at her back
off she flew.

Soaring slowly
at first
finding her way
nature as her compass
happily living her life.

Sensed danger
things not right
fragile and unknowing
the worst was yet to come.

It happened.
off guard
not knowing where to turn.

Oh, a gathering
of love.
Unable to receive,
hawk talons mighty
like prison bars.

The sky turned
ever so slowly
the mist overhead
the cardinal was able
to catch a breath.

Fly, fly said the mother
listing, fluttering
giving everything she had
she is flying again
taking on new terrain.

A bit tentative
a bit wiser,
wanting to return
however realizing
it is to a new world.