Knitting inspires Holly’s life-long love of fashion or maybe, Holly’s life-long love of fashion inspires her knitting. Either way, this is why she is here and sharing her journey with you.  ~ She is ‘hollyolm‘ on Ravelry.  

‘Tis Thee (About Holly)

Many years of teaching
Literacy Coach,  as well
Graduate degrees earned
Now reflecting
on all that she has learned.

A knitting fiend, for sure
with careful precision, always.
fashion forward,
or at least she tries
excited to walk the runway
Isn’t that why she knits?

A sassy daughter, yes
a loving mother
married to hubby of longevity
family oriented
devoted to the clan.

Began later in life
with safety net support
to run
burning up energy
fitness builds upon that energy.

Loves to write
doesn’t know why
maybe ’cause she can go on whether anyone is listening
or not

Considers writing a book
maybe knitwear designer
marathon, perhaps?
Dreams big, focus remains steady.

The family pet
America’s favorite breed
Lots of mischief
Somehow, in her heart … deeply.

And, so this is how
she goes
It is true that
’tis is Thee.

Vogue Knitting Live Reader’s Runway Fashion Show, 2015


Holly so appreciates the effort and patience of hubby photographer.  It is difficult to identify who inspires whom or when Lynn, as photographer, became involved in what now has become part of the knitting process.  What we do know is it has been a joint effort of local travel, ideas, and editing to share Holly’s knitting.  Using his iPhone and a critical eye, these outings about town have become a great sort of retirement hobby for the couple, as well.  They’ve switched roles, below with Lynn in his Tembe designed by Martin Storey and Holly as photographer.  You can get a sense of local venue as landscape for photo shoots in  Fashionscape, our effort of documentation.  This initiative was recognized by Vogue Knitting, Spring 2014, and is written about here.

November 19, 1942 – October 6, 2017

Below were my words as we said good-bye to our loved one.

My Partner, my best friend

Lynn was a musician.
“Lynn Olmstead with music has a love affair.
He plays dulce tones on instruments rare.
During treacherous passages his hands have ability
to fly over the keys with astounding agility.
He goes at his work with unheard of zeal
1,000 notes to the measure, the effect is unreal.”

It was this poet who had formed a local Baroque Music Group some 40 years ago, where I met Lynn, he on his recorder, my on my flute.  After the practice, he walked me to my car carrying my flute.  I wondered why that man was being so nice to me.

He was a listener from the very beginning.  When we began dating some years later and I saw his place for the first time, I said, “oh, lovely but where are the curtains?”  The next day, every window was bedecked . . . yellow gingham curtains in every room.

He was a devoted protector always ‘rescuing’ me from things he deemed I needed rescuing from.  On a solo trip to Cooperstown, he called late into the evening to check in.  Our phone call was interrupted by a loud male voice on my end saying, “So, Where it the light switch?”  “Who is that?” he screeched as he raced home.  He was to find out it was an emergency visit from a Router Rooter plumber.

He was a fierce fan of mine . . . in everything I did.  He supported me at my running races.  Being active in sports all his life, I always considered him much more the athlete than me.  I thought of him as my personal coach especially when yelling “PB, PB!” at the end of races.  I didn’t even know what that meant!  I have since learned it means Personal Best.

Lynn became my photographer.  That is, a photographer for my knitting.  Using no more than his iPhone and his talent, we went around town taking many, many photos of many many projects.  The idea was to get my knitting online.  Well, his photography landed my knitting in a two-page spread in the 2014 Spring Issue of Vogue Knitting Magazine.

He was the ultimate care-taker.  For 35 years he walked me to my car each morning before work, having heated it first through the cold winter months, handing me the lunch he made for me while waving me off wishing me a good day at school.  Every morning.

He always made sure there was gas in the car and groceries in the house; prepared most meals for the family.

He warned me of the potholes I didn’t even know existed, told me about the traffic signal that was temporarily malfunctioning, and which streets were being monitored for speed that week.

He was a care-taker to the end.  His last words to me were “I have ideas.”  I knew he meant ideas on how to get our lives back to the way they were so he could once again, take care of me and those he loved.

I will miss my partner, my best friends.  I will cherish our time together, remember our love, and hold onto these values he so believed in.



We chose his beautiful elephant sweater as well as the entire ensemble, as pictured above, to represent his love of all living things, for his last outfit as he rests in peace.  A photo keepsake is [HERE].