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  • .5 Duck Egg

    .5 Duck Egg

    Writing is therapy for me. I miss writing about knitting. Somehow, in between the months of being a care-taker, looking for employment during coronavirus (all previous employment vanished), finding a new teaching position with iTutor and learning how to teach online (no easy feat), I did succeed in completing 7 projects. I look back and…

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  • Repurposing Space for my Hand Knits

    Repurposing Space for my Hand Knits

    So, I was in quarantine for 14 days due to my recent travel to Virginia, respecting Governor Cuomo’s decree. When I went to the door to fetch my mail, a neighbor called out. She kindly asked how I was doing and if I was bored. I was in about the 6th day of stay-at-home orders.…

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  • Zen


    After a tedious project, in my case, referring to this, I am all about looking for a fast knit as the next thing for my needles. Keep in mind, I am a one-project girl. I actually scan my queue (I am very true to my queue as it keeps me focused) looking for a big…

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  • Published


    HERE is the readable version of the above article recently submitted for publication into the My View column of the Buffalo News. Readers of hollyknits will recognize it as a recent blog post entitled Appreciating Kindness. I thought I would enter it into the Buffalo News, to receive a broader audience as I felt it…

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  • (Virgin)ia Road Trip

    (Virgin)ia Road Trip

    One day hollyknits website will get back to the topic of knitting. My excuse? I just couldn’t knit during what is now in the books as the hottest month on record, July 2020. When there is no activity on the needles, the words for knitting seem on hold, too. However, life away from knitting has…

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