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  • Knitting, step aside for barn quilts!

    Knitting, step aside for barn quilts!

    Perhaps a hidden gem of a ‘field trip’ or perhaps I am the last to partake in this experience, here is an idea for you and your family, rain or shine. It is called the Wyoming County’s Barn Quilt Trail. I originally heard about it from the Rochester, NY cadre of colleagues from SME some […]

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  • Spool Knitting, Anyone?

    Spool Knitting, Anyone?

    A sweet story of perhaps a budding knitter . . . So, of course, I feel it my mission as Grandmother (or otherwise) to encourage some sort of yarn crafting to my grandchild (or anyone else for that matter) who lives in Austin, Tx. About a year ago I sent L a box with some […]

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  • Making Friends with Lace

    Making Friends with Lace

    Lace is not what I normally wear therefore it is not what I usually knit. To me, lace fabric doesn’t have body that I normally like in a garment, isn’t practical in its open-weave nature, and tends to be fashioned into shawls and/or scarves to show off its beautiful intricate patterns. I am someone who […]

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  • Good-bye, dear 48

    Good-bye, dear 48

    Dear Home Owner, They say, “oh, if only the walls could talk .“ Well . . . I call myself 48 as that was the number that was assigned to me when I was built on a street called Colonial Ave. My structure is also called a colonial as I have a center staircase dividing […]

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  • .5 Duck Egg

    .5 Duck Egg

    Writing is therapy for me. I miss writing about knitting. Somehow, in between the months of being a care-taker, looking for employment during coronavirus (all previous employment vanished), finding a new teaching position with iTutor and learning how to teach online (no easy feat), I did succeed in completing 7 projects. I look back and […]

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