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  • Simple fix of a hand knit

    Simple fix of a hand knit

    I wanted to wear this when I went out the other night. Knitted years ago, it is a comfortable, fun piece with the colors of the season. I wrote about it, HERE. When I put it on, the vest-dress didn’t look the way I wanted or the way I remembered. Hmmm So, it was a…

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  • Indiana Amish

    Indiana Amish

    I call it a sabbatical. Sounds educational. Sounds important. For me, it is personal. My self-prescribed sabbatical away from the familiarity of WNY, non-stop schedules, teaching, employment gigs, and pretty much anything and everything familiar to me continues. It has led me to some pretty interesting places, which of course was its intention. Currently, I…

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  • Knitting, step aside for barn quilts!

    Knitting, step aside for barn quilts!

    Perhaps a hidden gem of a ‘field trip’ or perhaps I am the last to partake in this experience, here is an idea for you and your family, rain or shine. It is called the Wyoming County’s Barn Quilt Trail. I originally heard about it from the Rochester, NY cadre of colleagues from SME some…

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  • Spool Knitting, Anyone?

    Spool Knitting, Anyone?

    A sweet story of perhaps a budding knitter . . . So, of course, I feel it my mission as Grandmother (or otherwise) to encourage some sort of yarn crafting to my grandchild (or anyone else for that matter) who lives in Austin, Tx. About a year ago I sent L a box with some…

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  • Making Friends with Lace

    Making Friends with Lace

    Lace is not what I normally wear therefore it is not what I usually knit. To me, lace fabric doesn’t have body that I normally like in a garment, isn’t practical in its open-weave nature, and tends to be fashioned into shawls and/or scarves to show off its beautiful intricate patterns. I am someone who…

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  • Good-bye, dear 48

    Good-bye, dear 48

    Dear Home Owner, They say, “oh, if only the walls could talk .“ Well . . . I call myself 48 as that was the number that was assigned to me when I was built on a street called Colonial Ave. My structure is also called a colonial as I have a center staircase dividing…

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