A Break

Even our hobbies/passions can get the best of us. Or, shall I say, can get to me. My knitting has been almost non-existent. It has happened to me before and will likely happen, again. There have been times when I haven’t knitted for years. Some knitters talk about this thing called, “getting your knitting mojo back.” Some suggest changing up what you typically knit. They say knit different items, perhaps easier items, or ‘brainless’ knitting oftentimes referred to as TV knitting. To me that translates to MORE knitting! Ugh I find the best way to get my knitting interest back is to take a break away from it. So, to replace knitting temporarily? An invitation to ‘puzzle’ came at just the right time and I jumped at the opportunity.

So, here was the set up . . . comfortable chair, warm fire, music playing softly off to the side . . . 1000 piece puzzle called Mixed Nuts. Perfect.

TV trays, trays of any kind work perfectly for sorting. I used tops of plastic bins . . . nice and light to place on my lap, can stack, have edges so the pieces do not fall off . . . haha ok, a little wine and a ‘Mad Men’ break (a break away from a break) does not hurt . . .

A closer look . . .

Perhaps, I have been distracted by this. This was my kitchen. (Stay tuned for kitchen re-do photos in a few weeks.)

Or, this. This was the day my snow blower aka man-power decided to freeze up on me.

Perhaps, it was someone’s birthday (who, by the way is standing in her old kitchen)

or, maybe I AM chugging away on a knitting project utilizing fingering weight on a full-skirt dress so, in fact, that does take months . . .

Whatever the case, there is truth and comfort in taking time away from even things you enjoy only to accomplish something different or you might just go a little NUTS!!!!

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