Knitting, step aside for barn quilts!

Perhaps a hidden gem of a ‘field trip’ or perhaps I am the last to partake in this experience, here is an idea for you and your family, rain or shine. It is called the Wyoming County’s Barn Quilt Trail. I originally heard about it from the Rochester, NY cadre of colleagues from SME some years, ago and as we do in life, filed it away as a really neat thing to do wondering if the opportunity would ever arise. And, it did thanks to a very patient and kind CF (college friend). Think map of Wyoming County. Think quilts. Think a community who has united themselves by hanging quilts, that is barn quilts, on different structures throughout their community. Wyoming County Strong!

These structures currently include businesses, private homes, and barns. The quilts are called barn quilts in the fact that they are wood therefore can be displayed outside, sometimes painted in design, sometimes pieced. All of them are brilliantly colored and all represent traditional quilt patterns. (The names of all the quilts seen here are posted on the map at the bottom of the post. Can you make the match?)

It was a perfectly cool and sunny day, with map in tow, we chose a start point and began the search. Each quilt has an address. Once we realized that, it became much more enjoyable. We pulled over at each site as I wanted a photo aka running record (otherwise, you could call me annoying) of each quilt we found. All of them are located on private property so roadside shots, only are possible unless otherwise invited . . . I did take small risks, however.

Basically the event is a long car drive through Wyoming County, home of Letchworth State Park for those of you who are not familiar with this part of New York State. For us, we began at the Wyoming County Chamber & Tourism site. We had questions, no one was around, but found a color-coded map that was for the taking that was meant to serve purpose as a self-guided tour and it indeed was all we needed.

‘We chose to start within the Green Trail Block, about mid-way with the intent of heading towards Letchworth State Park. This was our first, ‘Maple Leaf’, however I wasn’t sure what was more beautiful, the barn quilt or the landscape.

Some quilts were far off in the distance, making them a bit difficult to see. I did get close ups but I also love these photos of country living. I am a country girl at heart. ‘Kitten Quilt’ is adorable on the garage on the left. Perhaps, you can enlarge it on your screen.

I never saw that inquisitive pooch until posting this photo! Some quilts were difficult to view due to foliage or angle. But, look at the beauty of each photo! Can you make out ‘Dream Ship’, below right’?

Others were quite pronounced. Notice how all of the quilts are color coordinated with their surroundings. To the right, ‘Flying Geese’.

Even businesses have become involved in this community effort.

There is something about a scavenger hunt. When successful, you just want to keep going and you get good at it. Moving to the Red Trail Block the quilts became more plentiful.

Whether on barns or garages or utilized as a house number, each looks so spectacular.

I just love barns and silos. And, mixed with quilts? Awesome!

Of course, there is an over-achiever in every group! We called this a two-for.

An ode to ‘Americana’ . . .

And, some photos just need to stand alone. Could this country home be any more beautiful?

I was wondering when/if I might encounter a person while taking all these photos pointing my camera clearly in the direction of personal property. Well, this man came out as I was trying to get a good shot of his contribution when he yelled out at me. Hoping he was not armed (yikes) I politely explained what we were doing. He invited me closer (double yikes) and explained that he found this barn quilt in a garbage heap when moving and saved it. It is in perfect view just over a hillside when coming down the road which is why we saw it when not marked on the map. I think the red pops beautifully against the blue and now we know its story. In the photo, the home owner is pulling his flowers away for me, a moment of kindness not unnoticed.

This barn quilt is located at Luczak’s Tree Farm. It’s called, ‘Seasons 55’. Oh, the pines were so green and the smell so alluring. I went right up to them and, as you can see, had to actually move some limbs to get up close for any photo opportunity. Well, then a truck came up too close for my comfort and frightened me from getting a better shot.

Our excursion ended with this very kind lady who seemed especially proud of her barn quilt and property, below. When I asked if I could take a photo of ‘Harvest Time’, she said to make sure I get the sheep in the photo! I hadn’t even noticed the sheep. She explained to us how a lady in town has turned this community project into a business. Perhaps that is why there are so many.

Between the trails that we followed (half of two and there are currently four in all, so 25% captured here), we did stop for a picnic lunch.

You can see me attempting to keep track.

We never made it to Letchworth. Wyoming County has more to offer than we ever imagined.

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