Spool Knitting, Anyone?

A sweet story of perhaps a budding knitter . . .

So, of course, I feel it my mission as Grandmother (or otherwise) to encourage some sort of yarn crafting to my grandchild (or anyone else for that matter) who lives in Austin, Tx. About a year ago I sent L a box with some scrap yarn and a spool meant for spool knitting. Of course the tool came with directions and I was hoping that this might spark some sort of yarn crafting interest in her. About a week later, I was informed that no one in the house could figure out how to operate this little spool. Mind you, this is a house of very bright collegial people. :)

One year later, I went to visit. How pleased was I when L approached me with the box complete with all its contents that I had sent and asked for help. So, of course in no time at all we had a length of i-cord. That is what gets generated from this tool.

We then researched all kinds of things one can do or make with an i-cord. HERE are 39 ideas from one crafter.

This is what we did with all kinds of L’s craft supplies even incorporating the box! Since the photo, the snake has had babies, I am told.

And, the artist herself . . .

When in Austin . . .

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