Good-bye, dear 48

Dear Home Owner,

They say, “oh, if only the walls could talk .“ Well . . . I call myself 48 as that was the number that was assigned to me when I was built on a street called Colonial Ave. My structure is also called a colonial as I have a center staircase dividing the living room and dining room. 

I have been the shelter and home for one family for the past 64 years. I feel particularly blessed to have found such true love. I realize the importance of providing a safe place for people to grow and change and due to the care of the person who was with me the longest, I have been able to serve her well.

A one page letter would not suffice to tell of the numerous life stories about a family of four that I witnessed. From tragic, angry, stressful, drag-em-out-down-and-dirty type vignettes to happy, exciting, announcement-provoking-first-kiss types (yes, I saw in the backyard), stories that you would expect to hear from four very different individuals who had or are living long, purposeful lives. 

As I look out my windows, it is an odd thing about Colonial Avenue . . so many of us look a-likes (back in the ‘50s a good portion of us were center colonials) had that same kind of fortune, a loving family that dwelled in longevity in our spaces.

Through the years I would hear considerable conversation about making changes to me!  Additions here, subtractions there . . . Oh, there was always so much conjecturing. Nothing drastic was ever realized but there were always updates:  new windows, a white tiled bathroom, a finished off basement, a great walk-in attic, and a park-like back yard. (Most of the projects were done by the Mr. who lived here.) My main care-taker loved looking at the landscaped yard from the windows of my bright sun-lit kitchen.

For the past few years, I sensed my lady was not feeling well. There were all kinds of signs. She talked privately to me of her deep-seated thoughts and feelings. I sensed that was her way of thanking me for my service and that she was saying good-bye.

This letter is an opportunity to acknowledge and thank my loved one of the past hoping someone would appreciate. But, also to recognize the great news I’ve just heard about you! I look so very forward to welcoming you to this space within! 

Congratulations on your next step in life’s continuing endeavors and welcome to 48 Colonial Ave! May the shelter and safety I provide keep you happy and fulfilled for many years.



And, of course we played in the front, as well. Always a large gang, always outside, always cohesive, always for hours.
My bedroom was the upper right corner as you are facing the house.

The above is the welcome letter I left for the new home owners along with Mom’s copious files about 48.

6 responses to “Good-bye, dear 48”

  1. Holly, what a delightful way to sum up your family’s heritage in this home. Congratulations on seeing through this journey.


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