(Virgin)ia Road Trip

One day hollyknits website will get back to the topic of knitting. My excuse? I just couldn’t knit during what is now in the books as the hottest month on record, July 2020. When there is no activity on the needles, the words for knitting seem on hold, too.

However, life away from knitting has continued. Reading, yard work, the continual fix-its and organization around the house have taken precedence. And, then a travel opportunity of sorts arose – a show and tell road trip to see my daughter and to see her new digs while staying socially distanced and wearing masks. I took a lot of photos from the couch.

Here is a spectacular view of the world, an ever-changing skyscape from the thirteenth floor ~

Scout was being babysat during my stay. She put the word “cat” into my vocabulary. Basically I’m saying I fell in love with her.

One day, we ventured to her University, The American University. Jill had a task to do so I trooped around and took a myriad of photos and enjoyed the beautiful architecture hidden in deep sculptural gardens. I didn’t know where to turn next at the street crossings as each avenue was more gorgeous than the next. This exquisite scholastic landscape will be unattended this Fall of 2020 due to Coronavirus19. It was surreal, Twilight-Zone-like, but mostly very sad walking the campus being literally the only one there.

I found the library with the gardens especially beautiful. On the plaque ~ “If you have a garden and a library you have everything you need.” Marcus Tullius Cicero

The Education Building was her hang out.

Back to my daughter’s place and the couch, when I got past the artistry of Mother Nature’s sky, I took an interest in my daughter’s art, a collection that crosses genres, time periods, styles, and subject matter. Of course, some of the pieces I had seen before. Here is a bit of a gallery walk of a select few. She is quick and proud to share how each piece has come to be hers, not having purchased any directly.

Heart Kids by Romero Britto

Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci

This is my favorite piece because the artist did it with only household items and specific to her place. It is also the piece that caught my eye the minute I walked in. The grey cotton sheet is stretched onto a re-purposed kitchen table top. The paint is finger nail polish(es), mascara, and white house paint.


We chatted about this vase and basically I stole it from her. It was her first vessel made with coils so of course I wanted it. She calls it Snakes.

This road trip was about talking, sharing, and spending time together. A neighbor down the hall visited a time or two. How delicious is Federalist Cabernet!

We took many road trips as a family while Jill was growing up. I think because of that, road trips are in her blood. It is nothing for her to drive alone or with others with trips of varying distances. In all of those family road trips through the years, in or out of our state, I never drove one mile. So, planning a road trip where I am driving long distances, navigating on my own, and doing so alone is a fear I have had and has been a goal of mine to overcome. This solo trip was my first, aka ‘my virgin road trip’, and represents facing that fear. Did I love the Pa. turnpike? NO! But, I did it. I suspect there will be more trips planned in my future. Virginia is for lovers, I love my daughter. It was a great trip.

8 responses to “(Virgin)ia Road Trip”

  1. Madame Holly,
    Reading your post brought me back to Alexandria and DC like it was yesterday, from the city’s architecture to the view from Jill’s apartment. Although it was in a time of quarantine, it was a special visit because I adore Jill, which inspired the painting. It was a great challenge due to limited materials available around the house, however, I can’t take credit for the title. It’s a quote by Buckmister Fuller, one of my favorite architects.

    Thanks for sharing!



  2. So enjoyed reading about your road trip and visit with your daughter, Holly! And, Scout is lovely; no wonder you fell in love with him! As we do new things like driving more than being used to, it often becomes easier, so good luck with this! Take care and look forward to hearing more from you.


  3. Your first solo road trip? I am so proud of you! And a trip to the DC area? That is a major undertaking! So glad it went well, now that you know you can do it, you will have no limits!


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