Comfort or Shout-Out

Maybe, it was the thrill of the package. Maybe, it is the yearning for something positive as we live in social distancing parameters, or maybe it is the fact that I have never knitted with this yarn before, but this post is nothing more than a shout-out for the exquisite yarn called Tinde.

Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk Tinde pelsullgarn
is a plied, dk 100% wool Norwegian yarn that I ordered online from Ysolda. I have knitted with wonderful yarn in the past, of different fibers, variety of weights, but somehow this particular yarn has caught my attention. It just begs to be knitted. It is as simple as that. I ‘found’ it via a test knit for Linda Marveng‘s new pattern called Gyro. Let me share this awesome bat-wing sleeve dress pattern with you, also could be thought of as a tunic. I was particularly drawn to, what I call, the double layer look. To me, it looked like the model had on a knitted dress with a knitted shawl over it. The fact that it is one piece is captivating.

I won’t discuss my well-intended thought and subsequent failure regarding the test knit (due date has come and gone), rather the fact that this well-intention did lead me to the introduction and eventual purchase of this yarn. Difficult to photograph and capture the essence of its color which is truly as lush as the yarn, here is my best attempt.

Maybe, you can see it better paired with the sides of the dress, already knitted in Rowan’s felted tweed. (Not to veer off topic, but there is a story about this yarn choice, as well.)

You can see the cable section started for the center of the design utilizing Tinde. I think it is the yarn’s body that I am so appreciating.

I am working my way up as you can see and am also stopping to snap a picture of the cable work.

I have learned this strategy of taking photos along the way to help spot mistakes in my knitting. Whatever the pattern stitch, (cable, color work, etc) somehow, seeing the entirety of the fabric from a distance defines the mistakes and they jump out. It is amazing what you see in a photo that you do not see when the knitting is directly in your lap. I mentally prepare myself for ripping out if mistakes are spotted.

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