The Erie County Fair Continues to Call, 2018

The Erie County Fair is near and dear to my heart as it has a long history with me.  From being an equestrian representing Camp Sprucelands from youth (below, Sheba and me) as well as

attending through the years of marriage (late hubby modeling against a tractor),

to 2018 where I was a judge in the hand craft category of knitting and crocheting.  I write this post sharing some of the prize-winning creations that are now proudly displayed at the fair as well as to share some of the other endearing sights I saw and heard.

I know the fairgrounds well however through the years there have been changes to building names and locations of all things ‘farm’.  What used to be called the Woman’s Building located in the park-like section of the fair is now called the Creative Arts Exhibits located in the Grandstand.

The farm animals are located in different directions, smaller barn animals in one locale, horses in another.  Upon getting onto the fair grounds today, I thought, where to turn first.  This year my participation and focus was on the hand crafts, so

It was very easy to know where the knitting was going to be with this sign

along with impressively organized layouts of the displays, a venue, and further sorting.  After one notices the ribbons, the craftsmanship of these projects becomes front and center.  I will admit my camera was aimed towards my personal favorites.

sweet Mary Jane booties,

and beautiful shawls, of course, knitted with hand dyed yarns.

I was drawn to this Christmas stocking because I have knitted a set similar.

Beautiful Christening gowns,

hats, bonnets, and other such accessories.

My favorite category, sweaters.

The three on the bottom are particularly fashionable.

And, then there was this beauty, a man’s sweater, but I would wear it in a heart beat.  The blue ribbon means first place in the category in which it was placed while the gray ribbon means it was a consideration for Best-in-Show.

The Best-in-Show of Knitting 2018 is pinned below.  Knitted so beautifully inside and out.

Little vignette.  While I was admiring these fine pieces, I happened to overhear a grandmotherly-aged woman (in a wheelchair) point out in glee to her family who was with her that her piece had won a ribbon.  Just a fair to some, but to others . . .

I, then moved to the crochet.  Here goes a sampling of what I saw, and again, my favorites in the category.  Pictured first is what you might expect to see in crochet.

But, then there was appliqué on crochet (middle).


Toys mounted on decorated thematic boards,

Barbie in sequenced crochet,

and, of course, the Best-in-Show ‘showstopper’ of Crochet 2018.

It was time to show appreciation to the animals that provide their fine fleece for us to have our fun. Here are a few of the beauties I thanked and patted.  The llamas

and their owners’ care and love.

And, of course the sheep.  Before,


and after.  All these animals are in their stalls awaiting judging.

Even their fleece was judged.

I snapped some final shots that captured my fancy and of course, lends credence that The Erie County Fair is indeed an enjoyable event to attend.

One could consider.

The bleachers were PACKED!

And, of course, what would a Fair be without a midway.

9 responses to “The Erie County Fair Continues to Call, 2018”

  1. Thanks, Holly.

    I was impressed with the number and sophistication of the knitted sweaters.
    This was almost as good as being there!



    • I had fun with this post and I was hoping it could inform those that could not make the fair. So, I am very happy you picked up on that. Agree with you about the projects.


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