Full-on Indulgence including Runway Revisit, 2018

If you are a follower of VKL (Vogue Knitting Live), you may be aware that this event in NYC is historically held in January.  After travel debacle of December, I was fully aware January could prove the same.  JetBlue, however served its travelers well, weather cooperated, and I found myself at VKL NYC 2018 in good form.

Having attended the event before, I knew what to expect but wanting to make something new of the occasion, I chose to volunteer at the event.  That immediately changed the dates of travel due to a volunteer meeting held on the Wednesday evening before.  It also meant two glorious extra days in the city and lots of decision-making on how to spend that time. When the weekend was all said and done, as in all travel, there were certain moments, expected and otherwise, that stand out, so with this post, those are the moments I will highlight.

Wednesday ~ easy travel.  With room readily available and map in hand, I settled in for my stay and planned where I was going to ‘tour’.  It was a simple choice.  Mood, of course followed by Bryant Park.  Why?  I am a huge fan of Project Runway and wanted to see (and possibly shop) the fabric store where PR contestants make their purchases in the competition and Bryant Park hosts the final fashion show.  So, off I went with my poor sense of direction but great determination.

I found this (admittedly after 2 mile jaunt in the wrong direction) :

So excited, I walked in.  As a tourist does, I snapped these.

Bolts and bolts of fabric miles long and miles high.  A few floors just like this.  Then, I asked where Swatch was.  (Swatch, to you unknowns of the reality show is the visiting pooch of Mood.)  And, I was told I was in the upholstery section of Mood NOT the fashion section where Swatch typically hangs out!  WHAT??  Never suspecting and already in heaven she pointed to the door.  I was to take the Olmstead (a familiar name) elevator to the third floor.

WOW.  I immediately recognized THIS as what I was seeking . . .

Black in EVERY fiber!

And . . . where fabric gets bolted, cutting boards, patterns, and classrooms!

Of course, I asked about Swatch again.  He was not there that day, but I did spot this which filled my heart.

On leaving Mood, I was quite satisfied having found it that I wasn’t too disappointed having not purchased anything.

My next desire was to find Bryant Park.  Back to scouting my map and asking an occasional passer-by, it was in no time I was there.  On this weekend, it was set up as a lovely winter wonderland.

The volunteer meeting was Wednesday night, a welcome time to sit at the end of a tourist’s day.

Here are some jobs you can sign up for in volunteering.

Thursday ~ Knowing I was to be in NYC, I signed up for the MoMA tour as offered by VKL.  Scouting out the location of the Museum of Modern Art, which was basically in the opposite direction of the day’s before outing, provided all kinds of new stimulation, it was easy to find.  The tour called, “Is Fashion Modern?”  had an excellent docent who took us to task with asking ourselves that very question.  I thought it pretty cool that Lululemon’s original pant made it into the display.  The little black dress and orange piece are pieces I loved.  So, if these were examples of what was in the exhibit, you could ask yourself, Is fashion modern?

I visited the gift shop and found this great cross-over bag.  A picture of my MoMA keepsakes . . .

One must visit Central Park when in the city.

And, of course one must take in a show on Broadway.  A chance friend and I chose Amy Schumer in Meteor Shower as our pick.  The ticket taker, Georgie, was especially personable and left this sweet note for us when we went back to pick up our tickets.

Friday – Sunday ~ Days to volunteer, window shop, and take in classes/lectures.  I built my class schedule for all three days around the theme of designing.  Each teacher had her own take on the topic and it was interesting to hear of the process from different points of view.  The lectures I sighed up for were inspiration filled.  My favorite class was on sketching.  Deborah Newton could not be more enthusiastic about her designing and that enthusiasm was not only palpable but contagious.  Here, we are studying sketches.

Her tip is seen on the right, my practice, on the left.

I did indeed make one purchase during my stay.  Could this book be any more beautiful and so aptly named.  Glamourie, indeed!  Now, THAT is knitting!

I thought the main highlight would be the Readers’ Runway Fashion Show.  As delightful as it was, it was the second time I’ve entered and somehow, the second time is never as exciting as the first.  My favorite part was meeting someone AND her husband who I have talked to on Ravelry and BOTH walked the runway, as well.  Also, the young girl captured my attention who was with her Mother.  How special for these pair to do this fun thing together.

The fair isle coat earned this award.

Here is a candid pic of the group who walked the runway this year.

The most meaningful highlight was however my daughter and her friend meeting up with me in the evenings.  Whether ordering room service or having a delicious meal at a lovely Irish eatery, talking about nothing of consequence and laughing really put the weekend into perspective of what matters most and certainly added to what truly was a full-on indulgence weekend for me.  A goofy selfie ~

We said good-bye Sunday night to each other and to this great city.  Until next time . . .

9 responses to “Full-on Indulgence including Runway Revisit, 2018”

  1. So nice to read you again, Holly! It looks like you had a wonderful time, and I”m really happy for you. I recognized most of the knitwear you wore on the runway. Kudos for the prize. My favorite is still your violet Fretwork, so great (but then you know my history with Fretwork). Take care!


    • thank you, Agnes . . . still working on getting those needles back in my hands. You see, I knit when I’m relaxed. The good news is I am feeling like I am getting there. Thank you for being such a great support.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Sarah. The prize was nice but the entire weekend felt like a gift. I went alone so could just meander anywhere and everywhere to my heart’s content. Not to mention, reflect on things. It is fun to meet other knitters and we all have such a unique and individual identity to this art form.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Sometimes going alone is the best way – so that you can be with people as much or as little as you want. :-) There was a lot of people time in your adventures, even if you were there by yourself! And yes, we all knit the same basic stitch in so many unique ways, it is amazing!


  2. Holly – I was also at VKL NYC (and have been almost every year) so it was especially fun to read your musings about the event. I room each year with a friend and we have decided that next year in NYC we will enter the Readers on the Runway together. I thought about entering this year when I go to Chicago but since you said the first time is the most exciting, now I think I will wait.

    Your knitting is phenomenal and I enjoy reading all of your musings. Perhaps we will meet on the runway next year at VKL!

    PS – our paths should have crossed at the MOMA exhibit, which I had registered for; however, my train (and many others) was hours late due to a bridge that could not be closed. Hopefully that doesn’t happen next year.


    • Oh, Mindy . . . I hadn’t heard about the train/bridge issue. The exhibit and docent were excellent. What I did not get to were the evening events (even though I had a ticket) and so when I go in the future, I will be sure to hit those. We shall meet one day; please make yourself known to me. It may be a year or so as I need time to knit up Reader Runway worthy projects!


      • Holly – I will do so next year! I was sitting in the front row at the Readers on the Runway event this year and so loved all your pieces. Of course that fair isle coat you did was completely insane!! Hoping to walk the runway with you next year. I will definitely say hello!

        PS – when I married my husband I had to create some space in bookcases, etc. I made the sad mistake of getting rid of some of my Vogue Knitting Magazines. I had been a subscribed since it re-launched in 1982. Well after reading about you, I bought back all of the issues I had gotten rid of! I know also have every issue…and I’m in the process of creating my crafting space in our retirement home. Thanks for the inspiration.


        • oh, Mindy . . . such a nice comment on all levels. Thank you for sharing. I love thinking about crafting space(s) and then there is the Finished Object space, stash space and on and on it goes. I haven’t yet knitted one stitch all of 2018, yet as I’m not settled yet in my new life as a single. My poor yarn sits awaiting my attention. Have you ever gone for some time and not knitted? I fear I am in that space right now. But, I remain hopeful my needles will be back in my hand again, soon.


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