Who is he?

What does he know?

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow?

While habits unfamiliar, we find our way

Each day different, “one day at a time”, we say.

like the crystals in a kaleidoscope,

one turn and the reaction


Silence from others, busily living as the world turns

we carry on

In case you were wondering, he is sweet and tender

as always, during this complicated



Holly knits with grit and believes a happy life is a well balanced one.

18 thoughts on “Change

  1. A beautiful poem that so clearly illustrates what it’s like to keep focused on the Truth when everything else is so disorienting. Keep your courage up, Holly, you’re doing a fantastic job of loving and supporting your husband and indeed yourself. When my daughter first fell ill six years ago, my minister gave me a piece of advice that I follow to this day: “Enjoy her.” I have made it my job to keep looking for all her good qualities, and to treasure who she is beyond her difficulties.


      1. oh dear, that sounds like a stressful time for everyone. I hope it is the rehab center closer to home still. And that you have a big supply of easy to execute knitting projects to keep you sane!


        1. ok, this is kind of interesting. I am wrestling with self-striping yarn and wrestling not knitting is the correct word. Not familiar and am working diligently to figure it out. Not sure the project is in the ‘easy’ category but definitely is keeping me from going ‘mad’.

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          1. lol wrestling with the yarn is better than wrestling with so many other things! I rarely use self striping yarn, but just started a second sock with some. I HOPE I started in the right place, I am not sure I can deal with the stripes not lining up properly.


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