Lizzie’s Love Letter

a re-homing letter from one who could not speak for herself . . .

To My New Family ~

I came into this world from a litter of 9. Summer is my canine Mom and Bono, my Dad. (The formal papers are attached). We were born in Cindy’s house. Ribbons of different colors were placed on my sibs and me, so we could be identified by name. Maybe, also to tell us apart as I do remember my sisters looking a lot like me. Summer was very patient with the 9 of us feeding from her and we thought nothing of kicking, pushing, and pulling each other before, during, and after Mom’s meals. When the door bell rang, Summer would jump up to gleefully answer the call sending us reeling into the air.

At about 8 – 12 weeks, cannot quite remember, I noticed people coming to visit. And, it seemed like when they left there was 1 less of us pups. It was at this time a couple came saying they wanted to adopt a yellow female. Cindy gathered my yellow sisters and me and we romped about to impress hoping to be the pick. I heard the visiting woman say she wanted a pup who might appreciate all kinds of tactile attention (otherwise known as loving) and Cindy pointed to me!

I whimpered and shivered all the way home. I was little and frightened and sat in this woman’s lap. She cuddled me and told me how excited she was that I was coming home to live with her and her hubby (who was soon to become my Dad). That night, I stood by the door and howled for the familiar and I think my new Mom had tears in her eyes.

And, then the mischief began. I did love to disobey. Still do a little but my maturity has taken over most of my troubling behaviors. Thank goodness, my parents would say. I think I liked to misbehave more for Dad. I knew just how to work him either chewing something I shouldn’t or grabbing items not mine. I think they were frustrated with my behavior so Mom signed me up for obedience training, two, 8 week sessions. I received a diploma and I still remember those commands of “sit, lay, and wait”.

But, the command of coming when called? Are you kidding? Somehow, something always distracts me. What can I say? The world is an interesting place. Mom notices I attend better with hand gestures than words. I also understand “not quite yet” which, I guess means the same as wait and I love being called a “good girl”.

I hated that hood I had to wear when I was spayed. But, I won’t go into the bad behavior of those weeks because it’s a done deal.

Speaking of medical procedures, I do get nervous in a Vet’s office and shy away into a corner. I try to calm down and when the vet is soft and kind-voiced, I do better. I’m pretty healthy being current with all my shots, updates, and check ups. However, when my allergies kick up (you can tell because I lick my paws and body a lot), I have been given a pill that really helps me to feel better. Mom put them in one of the red bags.

My likes: I love my collar. It came from Orvis. I remember when the leather was fresh, it felt a bit stiff, but now the leather end curls and it feels like a part of me. I love my red leash. In fact, when it is time to go out, you might see me carrying it around. But, I also like to chew on it whether I should or not. My bed came from Orvis, as well. There is something about that store that Dad liked. It is an orthopedic bed so it not only is cozy but is kind on my joints. The rents (parents) have argued about my weight, Mom wanting me lighter (vet said I should be 65 lbs and I am a bit over). So, now I only get carrots for treats. She cuts them into sections so I don’t choke and I actually do love them! Oh, and I cannot forget my new love of pillows!


I’ve learned that they are not only good to tear, but they are cuddly soft. One of my favorite activities, believe it or not, is looking out a window.

I can spend hours in my chair where I watch birds, squirrels, and bunnies as well as my best friend Gracie, a golden who lives next door. Oftentimes I nap there, too. I was trained with a crate and have always had one. It is often that I go into the crate on my own with the door wide open. I also love my walks. More about that, below. But, mostly I just love to be rubbed.

My dislikes: It may seem I do not like my walking harness. When I see it coming towards me, I run from it. But, the truth is I’m just playing around. I’m just like anyone who knows exercise is coming and it is a pain getting ready.

Once on my walk, which I had 365 days of the year no matter the weather, I love the scents and have grown to be a very good walker. I must disclose however, I do not really like other dogs. I know I appear strong and muscular, but when faced with another canine, I become quite shy. I was not always like that but am now. To combat ticks and fleas, I had been given a very large pill. It was such a battle to take that huge rock-like med and many attempts later filled with frustration, Mom and Dad switched me to a topical that gets applied to the top of my neck 1x/month (was always the first of the month) to void that hassle and my body can still be protected of those nasty creatures. And, the vacuum and loud noises in general, frighten me.

My diet: Purina Chicken and Rice. Dad would vary different flavors but I do believe Purina was the constant. I should have a calorie count of 887 kcal/day according to my vet. So, you can read the side of the bag and do the Math. Dad typically fed me and yes, I was fed twice a day at about 7:00am and 4:00pm with a carrot treat at noon.

My thoughts: I know something is terribly wrong with my parents right now. I am in the crate like never before and Mom is gone significant parts of the day. I haven’t seen Dad in weeks. She is very sad and I have been trying to cuddle her. Mom says that I will be seeing Cindy again, soon and I look forward to that. I wonder if I will recognize her of if she will recognize me. It has been explained that I will be going to a new loving home. Mom and I trust Cindy has found just the home for me. I am only complying due to the love I have for Mom and Dad and if this is a way to help those I love, then I look forward to new adventures with my brand new family. I hope they love me.


With me I brought:

my crate
my Tuffs cushion
my Orvis bed
my chair pillow
2 red zipper bags of documents, shampoos, meds, leftover food with measuring cup and 2 bowls, red leash, purple harness for walking, and 1 ring toy. (my bones were too old and ratty, I really need new ones)

14 responses to “Lizzie’s Love Letter”

  1. Such a difficult thing to do, but going back to people she knew is probably best. One thing at a time. I’m amazed you have even managed a post at all, and you captured such a lovely tone.


    • Writing is very therapeutic for me and since we raised her, writing this piece was very easy. She is deep in my heart now where she will stay but Lizzie herself has now been placed in a beautiful part of our State. She has a whole new world in front of her and I am sure is having the time of her life.


  2. I was so sorry to hear that you’ve had to give up your lovely dog, and that you’re confronting difficulties. I hope you’re receiving good help from all quarters. Keep knitting, if you can, and do please keep us posted, if you can. Look after yourself, Holly. X


    • It’s a new life for me and I am trying to find my way. I have now heard that Lizzie has a magnificent new loving home. Bittersweet, I am trying to rise to the occasion.


    • The reason why you are confused is because so much seems to be happening around here. Unexpected twists and turns of the very challenging kind have caused us to think it best to say good bye to our pooch of 5 years. And, that indeed is heart wrenching.

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