We’ve got Spirit

This is a short post to share the addition of a new tool/toy to the household.  Recently celebrating a 60th birthday, honoring 12 years of running, wanting to support the workouts of OTF, desiring to skirt these bitter winds of long winter months, and feeling like it was now or never, hubby and I are now enjoying our new treadmill.

Here I am on Spirit’s maiden run, new motor smell in the air, loving the bright sunshine streaming in, 14 degrees wind chill factor swirling around outside, giving her a go.  Just a short run for today, she purred like a kitten.  Maybe, now I will be able to make my goal of a half marathon in early June.

On the knitting front, stay tuned!  Projects are getting finished and Spring is just around the corner for hopefully, some lovely outdoor shots.

9 responses to “We’ve got Spirit”

  1. Way to go! Indoor cardio is the only way I get my 2.5 hours/week in. I’ll run in cold but I hate to sweat. Though when it inevitably happens, I just tell myself that I’m cleaning my pores. I use a different type of machine (low- to no-impact because of a bad knee) but it all works.


    • T! You’re everywhere! You hate to sweat . . . I notice with age, the degree of sweat and when it comes (more frequently), changing. With the workouts, however I also notice bodily changes to the better. I agree, whatever the method, do something!!


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